TELL: A New Year

wow it is already 11 days into a brand new year and I am already slacking on my blogging…way to start out with a bang ha ha!
well new years eve this year was pleasantly fun!  We decided to invite over some friends and throw a very last min new years bash.  So we told everyone to dress as ridiculous as they could, bought some streamers, confetti and poppers and it was officially a party. It also included a crazy fireworks show, courtesy of our friend Greg.
 and now for our photo montage…
nice beard Austin…yes he shaved it especially nasty for this party
I was really proud of my royal blue pant suit with a sparkle bib shirt…only $5 from goodwill and on the tag it said “pride and joy”. Yes, that is right, my outfit is by pride and joy… and that sums up how I felt about it.
dont forget the sparkle new years hat and crazy bangs!  Now that makes an outfit!
now although it was last min I just had to do something fun with my streamers….
here is my DIY photo wall/ decorations
I used streamers and plastic table cloths…I swooped up the streamers to create a curtain effect and then this was where we put all the drinks and food.
Then when it was time for pictures…I put it down and it turned into a fun backdrop (as you can see from above)
here are my supplies for the table cloths streamers:
-plastic rectangle table cloth
-thumb tacks
I laid out the table cloth and left most of it folded (the long ways)…then cut it in strips leaving about 6 inches along the top.  I unfolded them.  I did this with two different colors and hung them on top of each other.  I used 4 table cloths in total
I hung them up and then added some color by hanging a few additional streamers.  I also made and draped some ruffle streamers, the tutorial is from here
A happy (late) new years to everyone!

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