TELL: Painting Babies

Another post that is long over due.
awhile back my friend Robyn had this idea.  She had done it before and I loved it.  Just put a bunch of paint on a canvas and let the little guys go to town.  Well…this experience has made me come to the conclusion that I do not have a future Picasso.  And why you say?  Well Rowen HATED it, he hated it on his hands he hated it on his feet he hated everything that had to do with the feeling of paint.  He did enjoy chewing on a paint brush though.
Below is a perfect picture of his disgust.  He is thinking…what is all this crap?
His best bud Rome did quite well, isn’t his hair fantastic?

ha ha I put him on the canvas hoping he would at least walk on it, and he was soooo sad, then fell.  What a horrible mom I am
it was all worth it in the end…they got to be classic boys and play in the dirt, guess dirt feels better than paint?

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