TELL: DIY Reversible Fabric Box

let me start out with a disclaimer…I am NOT a seamstress ha ha BUT I can sew in a straight line, which is basically all you need to know with this project.  I hope that some day I will advance in my sewing skills and do other projects that involve a little more of a challenge.  But in saying all that…to those of you with no sewing knowledge but to put the thread in the needle… this project is super duper easy, doesn’t take long at all and is just for you.  And for those of you with all the sewing knowledge in the world you can laugh at my sewing lingo and simple project, dont worry it wont hurt my feelings ha ha!
How this small project evolved….
I was feeling a little overwhelmed lately with all of Rowens toys…how do they accumulate so quickly and why are there soooo many pieces?
Then awhile back i ordered all this fabric online.  When I actually saw the fabric it was a little brighter than I anticipated.  I couldn’t figure out what to do with it untill this idea came to me…and voila!
I made a couple different sizes but Im going to explain the smaller one:
I cut 4 pieces of each fabric 8 1/2in by 16in
and one of each fabric (for the bottom piece) 8 1/2 by 8 1/2
I used a 1/4 in inseam when I sewed all the pieces together
sew all 4 pieces together…like below
now like I said before…Im not sure if I did this right, but I pinned the bottom on and then sewed it onto the 4 pieces.
do this to both fabrics till you have two box’s.
Then put one box inside the other and fold over both sides and then sew to make the clean edge.
THEN stuff with as many toys as possible!

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