This was a super fun and easy project that will add some personal touches to those boring plastic eggs.  It can be a blast to do with the kids and will be exciting for them to hunt for their personalized eggs on Easter day.
Plastic Eggs (I got mine at Target)
Acrylic Paint (ha ha you can tell mine are old and used but they are all from Michaels)
Mod Podge
Paint away, get creative, be messy and have fun.  Mine are pretty messy, ha, but I like them that way!
Rowe and I really enjoyed painting our eggs together.  Here are his “abstract” eggs, ha ha! I LOVE that he will do stuff like this with me.
Once the paint has dried, outline the design with a sharpie (to make it pop), then mod podge them so the paint won’t chip away.
Wait for the mod podge to dry overnight, and you’re finished!

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