This sewing project is SUPER easy!  ha ha maybe someday I will move past easy to moderate, but this just isn’t one of those days.  However, I am learning more and more as I go.  I made a fabric box awhile back and this is the same, except there is a handle and the bottom is round.  My favorite part is the CUTE fox made with freezer paper!
I also made it so you can tuck the handle in.  Then you can see all the cute eggs and candy and bring out the handle when its time to hunt those eggs!
Read all about the tutorial after the jump!

Take your fabric and measure out your pieces.  You can adjust the sizes to get a bigger basket or a smaller basket.
Take one long piece and one circle piece and iron on the poly-fil.  I cut out some pieces ahead of time and then cut them down once I ironed on the fabric.
Next start pinning :)
Now that it is sewn, flip it so the new sewn poly-fil section is on the inside
Do the same with the remaining pieces but without the poly fill.  Place that piece inside with both sewn parts facing each other…this is VERY similar to this fabric box I did a while back.
Now that both pieces are together, take the raw edges and fold them both inward and just sew along the edge.
Now for the handle…
Cut a piece of fabric that is 18in long by 10in wide.
Then fold over on each side and meet in the middle
then sew
The best part…the cute Fox!
You can download the fox stencil here
Make sure you fold over the top so that you know how big the area is you have to work with.
Supply List:
-1 1/2 yard of fabric (I always like to buy extra JUST in case)  But 1 yard will probably be fine.
I bought a 100% cotton fabric that has a kind of canvas/burlap texture, but very thin.
-Poly-fil batting (to make the fabric thicker and stand up good)
-Freezer paper
-Martha Stewart Paints
colors: wild Salmon, Arrowhead, White

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