Want a little bling? How about these way cute and WAY easy wood gemstone garlands?
This whole project took me about an hour and that is with crazy children sabotaging me at every turn…SO it could take less time.
Ok you guys, first off I am totally obsessed with balsa wood now!  It is SO easy to work with and looks so amazing!  I want to make wood garland all day long.  Don’t be surprised if there will be several tutorials using balsa wood in the future… I am now a true fan!
I really loved how these garlands turned out.  How perfect would these be for an engagement party?
Read all about the tutorial after the jump

balsa wood 1/16 x 3 x 36 (I got mine at Michaels)
x-acto knife
paint brush
gold cord
glue gun
here are the colors I used:
Martha Stewart pearl-rubber ball
folk art-school bus
Martha Stewart pearl-mint chip
Martha Stewart-party streamer
Martha Stewart-scallion
Print out the paper and cut out the gem stones.  You can download the file HERE.
 I printed mine out onto card stock which makes it easier to cut around it with an x-acto knife.
outline the gems with paint and decorate however you would like, you can get creative.
with the other gems I outlined them with black and then filled them in with the other colors
gems on Make A Gif
glue the back at the top of each gem
stick on the cord


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    Ali CsMasterbatumulia

    So Interest and very inspiring
    salam pecinta batu di seluruh dunia dan salam silaturahim jangan lupa

    kunjungi website Koleksi Batu Cincin

    dan Batu Black Opal


    Love this idea! And your photos show how to do it so well!


    Awe thanks Isoscella, glad they are helpful!


    I love this! and they’ll last longer than normal paper bunting too!

    I KNOW right?! ha ha I’m all about long lasting!


    Hi I’ve just come across your blog from London! Loving this project. What type of paint is it as sadly we have limited Martha Stewart products in the Uk! Xx

    Hi Marisa :) It is just acrylic paint so you can use any brand!!

    I love these gems! I’ve seen them pinned on Pinterest and finally found your blog!