What is summer without a lemonade stand??  As a kid I was such an entrepreneur, always looking for a way to make money.  I was selling my snoopy drawings on the playground (which I got in trouble for, guess they don’t want first graders running a small business during recess), selling cookies to neighbors, shoveling snowy driveways, and then there is the classic business model for any kid that wants to make money…the lemonade stand (or in my case, Kool Aid. Yuck. Lemonade is WAY better)
Back then you wrote your prices on a piece of paper, grabbed your plastic picnic table and you were ready to sell. Awe… the days before Pinterest.  NOW there are so many cute options and delicious recipes that go beyond Kool Aid.  So help your little ones spice up their lemonade stands with some of these cute and FREE printables and yummy lemonade recipes.
They might even be able to raise the price a little ;)

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