What is a more classic party decoration than a paper chain?  They are so so simple and any kid can make them.  So I decided to make a more fancy grown up paper chain.  It is STILL so simple but now a little more fun.
 Read all about the tutorial after the jump.

Cardstock (I like this BRIGHTS pack because they have such pretty colors)
Glue Gun
Paper punch
 Measure and cut out strips.  Mine were 1 and 1/16″
Each paper punch will be different so it’s good to practice till you get the correct size.
 Start to punch out one side of the paper strip.
Once you have made your first punch, measure up the design so your next punch is the same and the pattern continues.
 After you finish one side, turn it around and start punching out the other side.
 I wanted a smaller paper chain so I cut my paper stripes in half.  But its up to you how big or small you want them.
Glue the sides together.
 Then continue to glue and your paper chain will form.

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