I have been wanting to make something with tassels and when I saw this blanket at IKEA it all just clicked!  I found some neon pink yarn and I knew they would be a match made in heaven.  This blanket cost me $11, it’s a perfect size, soft, and oh so adorable!  I might use it as a throw, or just a fun blanket to lay on at the park…. what do you think?
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Plain Blanket- 
Mine is from IKEA.  I like the texture of the blanket, it made it really easy to sew onto.
The blanket at IKEA is $13 but I found mine in the damaged area for only $7 with a tiny little snag! whoo hoo.
Tapestry needle-
(I used this to thread the yarn)
Regular needle and thread matching the color of the blanket
Sewing machine
Here is the blanket before…
 Measure your piece of thread the width of the blanket with 2 extra inches on each side
 Start threading
 Continue the width of the blanket
Repeat this 5 times.
 Next make the tassels.
You need a piece of cardboard, the size of the cardboard will determine how long you want your tassels.  My cardboard piece is 4 1/2 inches long.
Wrap your yarn 22 times around the cardboard.  How many times you wrap the yarn determines how thick your tassel will be.  I didn’t want mine too thick.
Cut a small piece and place it behind all the pieces of yarn.
Pull it towards the top of the cardboard and tie it in a lose knot
Cut the bottom of the yarn.  Once it is off the cardboard, tie the knot tight and then tie again.
Get another piece of yarn and tie the top of the tassel.  Let the excess hang with the rest of the yarn.
Cut off the excess thread on the top.
Sew your tassels along the blanket.  I tied 11 on each side.
To tie on the tassels, insert the needle through the top of the tassel into the knot at the very top, then sew onto blanket repeating this until it seems secure.
Lastly you need to secure the stitches.  I just did this with my sewing machine.

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    This looks amazing, I am tassel crazy at the moment and am so excited to try it DIY! I ahve the perfect blanket for this too x

    Awe thanks so much and I am right there with you. I can’t get enough of tassels ;)

    Rachelle Holmes

    I know this is an older tutorial, but I wanted to tell you that it’s one of my favorite bridal shower or wedding gifts. I pair it with picnic supplies, a basket and a game or two… I also add a little heart with their initials. I just wanted to say thank you for this great idea and how-to!

    Oh Rachelle you just made my day, and that is the cutest idea ever!!!! I LOVE the idea of pairing it with all those fun things! ha ha I might have to steal that idea for my next bridal shower ;) xoxo

    Emma Bastin

    This is so simple, but so lovely! I am going to race out and buy a blanket and do this!

    Thanks Emma!! ha ha and do it!

    I love this! It’s so simple and cool looking. I just came across your blog. (Maybe from Craft Gawker? Can’t remember…) Anyhow, your style is gorgeous! I’m pinning like crazy :)

    Hi Jess! Welcome! Awe you are so sweet! Thanks so much!!!!

    Sadie Moon

    I think I’d like to make this for my friend who’s having a baby–perfect for tummy time in the yard! But I’m wondering if you’ve been machine washing yours?