My little baby is ONE!  I know everyone says this… but where does the time go?!  I was so excited to throw him a party (well if you know me, I’m ALWAYS excited to throw a party) but for some reason I couldn’t figure out a theme.  I honestly need inspiration when it comes to party ideas and what not, SO teaming up with Minted was a dream!  Their kid party invitations are so inspiring and adorable that once I found this invitation I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
The colors from the invitation helped me with all the fun detail and colors.  Party Pail, who has a great selection of color themed party decor, provided all the black tableware and I had so much fun spicing them up with a white-paint sharpie.  A small simple addition can make such a difference.  I also doodled all over the beach balls which made them go so well with the whole theme.  I really loved how they turned out.
I wanted to have the party at the beach originally (hence the beach balls) but since the US Open was this past weekend, we moved it to the park to avoid the craziness. It still turned out awesome and if a party involves cake and friends it’s always good, no matter where it is.
More pics of the cute birthday boy after the jump

my boys

And then pictures of the fam, with Dennon in his birthday suit.  (Eating cake with no hands can get messy)

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