You guys this popcorn is the EASIEST to make and the most DELICIOUS!  No joke!
The most important ingredient to these yummy recipes are these cookie chips.  I can’t even explain the deliciousness.  Lets just say I have eaten a whole bag in one sitting.
They are crispy, crunchy and come in the most delicious flavors.
So that being said, they add such a yummy cookie crunch to the popcorn and make this recipe a new favorite of mine.
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookie Popcorn
1/2 cup popcorn
1 cup dark chocolate
1/2 cup milk chocolate
Pop popcorn and lay out on a cookie sheet
Melt both chocolates together in a double broiler and drizzle over popcorn
crunch up a whole bag of the Sea Salted Peanut Butter Cookie Chips and shake over the fresh melted chocolate.
Stir, let sit then EAT
Caramel, White and Dark Chocolate Cookie Popcorn
1 cup caramel
1 cup white chocolate
1/4 cup dark chocolate
Pop 1/2 cup of popcorn
Pop and lay the popcorn out on a cookie sheet, this makes it easy to add all the ingredients
-Next make the caramel.  I found a caramel popcorn recipe here
(I didn’t really bake my caramel popcorn, so that part is up to you)
-Melt the white Chocolate using a double broiler, when melted drizzle over popcorn  (Don’t overheat the white chocolate or it gets lumpy and weird)
Melt the chocolate in a double broiler and drizzle over popcorn
Lastly take about a half bag of your Dark Chocolate Cookie Chips and crunch them up into small pieces and shake them over the popcorn.  With the melted chocolate and caramel all those little cookie pieces will stick.


Note: This post was sponsored by Hannah Max Baking/ Cookie Chips.  All opinions are my own. Thanks to sponsors like Hannah Max Baking that make this blog possible
Read about how to make these cute popcorn holders after the jump

Popcorn holder:
I used cardstock, its more durable
Print out template here
cut it out
 Paint it however you would like.  I just used some watercolors and made stripes
 Assemble and fill with some delicious treats!

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