Cookies are presents within themselves. But you know me, I love some adorable packaging!  When giving cookies as gifts I feel like sometimes we all stick to the basic “throw them on a plate” – and that’s ok… considering I would eat a cookie off the floor, BUT if you are feeling fancy and want to present those cookies in the cutest way; here are some simply perfect ideas.
This brown paper bag look is sooooo easy and with a cute tag and punch out design you can transform that boring bag into the cutest cookie package.
 Coasters and cookies…who would have thought!  Wrapped with a cute bow it becomes the perfect present.
I am DYING over these free printouts for the container cookies.  So dang cute and how fun for a cookie party too?  Love.  Just love.
Cookies in a glass container separated by cute wax paper is easy and perfect for those beautiful cookies that not only taste delicious but are just so pretty too.
And then you can always throw place them in a box.  I love to buy or hoard old gift boxes.  I think its ALWAYS good to have lots on hand.  Wrap it with some cute paper and a bow and your cookies are  ready to share.

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