Ok you guys… I have been a flamingo lover from the get-go.  When I was little I used to sleep with a stuffed flamingo every night, and would collect ANYTHING with a flamingo on it.  I honestly had quite the collection.  This minor obsession with these pink birds never really went away.  So, WHY I have never made flamingo cookies before is beyond me.  These cookies are the cutest, and they are not just any flamingo cookies, they are LAWN flamingo cookies.  How excited would you be if you found these all over your front yard ha ha?
read all about the tutorial after the jump

8 inch Wilton lollipop sticks
You can find my cookie recipe HERE
And my royal icing recipe HERE
Make sure you bake the cookie with the lollipop stick.
 Outline the cookie and fill in.
Then shake the cookie (very gently) back and forth with it still on the parchment paper.  This spreads out the frosting evenly and makes it smooth.
 Add the beak and eyes.  Then once the frosting has dried a little you can start to make the wing.
Outline it, fill it in and shake it up so that it smooths out as well.
Then let the frosting dry.
Next make the other leg.
Take another lollipop stick and cut it down to size.  You can use regular scissors, they are fairly easy to cut.  I cut two pieces 2 inches long.  Cut one piece at an angle so that they rest nicely on the main leg.
Next is painting the legs.
Since these are cookies I wanted them to be safe and edible.  So I mixed 1/8 teaspoon of black food coloring with a tiny bit of water and brushed it onto the main stick and other leg pieces with a paint brush.  Let dry.
You can glue the legs on but I used the rest of my black royal icing.  The icing dries hard, so if you let it dry for a long time then they are good to go.  OR you can use a glue gun.  Just make sure if you are giving these cookies to kids (or adults ha ha) you don’t want to use any product that is harmful or toxic, JUST in case they happen to chew on, or lick, the stick.
And you are done!

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