Do you have your Halloween garland up yet?  I decided to make a new one this year.  I love a good garland, it actually might be right up there with my love for chocolate, and that is saying a lot!!  This paper straw Halloween garland is simple, and very festive!  The best part is, that paper straws come in so many different colors and designs, you can change it up.
Tutorial after the jump.

Paper straws 2 colors (2 packs of 24)
Glue gun
Cut your straws.  For each section I cut two of each sizes below, except for the 4in middle straw.
You will then have the flag shape below.
 Glue onto string.  I started with the middle straw first, then worked outward from there.
 Angle out the straw when glueing on each piece.
 I left about a half inch between each straw flag, but you can leave more.  Continue until done :)

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