I kind of love Halloween, and get WAY too excited each year planning out our family costumes.  I dread the day my boys are too cool to dress up with us.  So, for now it’s family themed costumes all the way!  Last year we went for the classic Halloween look, and embraced our inner monster!
Read all about the DIY’s for each costume below.

I have to say with Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein it is all about the makeup and hair!  The clothes are the easiest parts!  The Frankenstein makeup was just a lot of green black and getting crazy, but there are some great tutorials of Frankenstein makeup on You Tube.

Now onto the clothes.
We went to goodwill and got a pair of green dress pants and suit top.
Cut the sleeves of the coat just below the elbow.  Cut a jagged edge.
Wash the jacket so that the lining gets frayed and looks ragged, and washing a suit top really messes it up (make sure you do hang dry though).  Which is exactly what you want.
Sew a small patch onto the arm.
For the broad shoulder look, we stuffed some wash cloth towels up by his shoulders.

Cut the bottom of the pants at the shins in a jagged messy cut.  Sew on some patches as well.Lastly get a black shirt or turn an old black shirt inside out.

The best party about this costume is the hair, it is my FAVORITE!  I loved that it was my own hair and not a wig.  This girl and her AWESOME video tutorials, for hair and makeup are simply perfect!


I bought a vintage wedding dress from goodwill and it worked out great!  Check your local thrift stores or you can look HERE!! (Be sure to filter the price on the left side!  You can find some real gems for under $30)


After tons of searching I found this video and it is my favorite mummy look!! It is super super simple, which is always great!  A couple things I did differently than the video…

I dyed the fabric ( I used muslin), white tights AND turtle neck.  I just wanted them to all be the same color.  I used some safety pins to secure certain pieces so he wouldn’t completely unravel throughout the night.  Also, for my dye mixture I used some coffee grounds and black acrylic paint in warm water.

and lastly
Black long sleeve onesie
Black felt
Grey felt
Black knit fabric (for the hat, OR you can buy one HERE)
Cute stripped leg warmers

Lay out the onesies.  Measure and cut out wing shapes.
With white thread, sew a thick stitch onto the wings, outlining where you drew the chalk.  This is just for decoration.  Hand sew the wings into the under arms and body of the onesie.
Next was seriously the hardest party of all the costumes.  It is mostly because I don’t really know how to sew ha ha.  But, you need to make a pilot style hat.  I found this tutorial here and it was perfect!  I did make about 4 of these things, because I kept screwing up, but I did succeed on my last try.
IF you can’t sew (welcome to the club ha ha!)  You can find some HERE!! 

Next, cut some ears out of black felt.  I cut out two pieces for each ear, so they would be stiff.  Sew them together.  Cut out smaller grey ear pieces for the inside of the ear.  Sew those on.  Then sew onto the cap.  I pinched the bottom of each ear so they had a slight fold inward.  And you are done!!

Basically You Tube rocks my world when it comes to Halloween time!

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    I totally love your costumes!

    Jessica Edwards George

    How much fabric did you need for the mummy costume? How much coffee grounds and
    paint in the water? Love it!

    Hi Jessica :) It wasn’t very much I think about 1 1/2 yards?. But my son was only 3 so I think it just depends on how tall or what age. But I think its always better to have more fabric than less. And with the coffee grounds and paint I just added as I went. At first I did just a few drops of paint and about a 1/4 cup of coffee grounds. But you can keep taking the fabric out of the water and can add more of whatever to get the desired look. Good luck!! When he wore that costume he got soooooo many compliments!! he was so proud ha ha

    Jessica Edwards George

    Thank you so much for the tips!

    Awe thanks Sabine! Totally!

    Gabriella Mosley-Kashmiry

    The link to the Frankenstein makeup isn’t working :(


    Hi! Love these looks! I honestly have zero sewing skills: any way fabric glue might work? We are totally doing this this year with my one- and four-year olds; I’m stoked.


    I love the detail in these! Very nice! I love your intentional thoughts about the color of the mummy costume. It’s perfect!


    I came across you on pinterest. You are so wonderful, so intelligently informational, great tutorials and you and your family are Adorable! Much appreciation for your site/blog.


    Thanks for a great bat costume idea! I made it for my 8 month old grandson following your instructions – bought the cap from Etsy. It’s adorable! —

    Kristin Lofgren

    Love these costumes! How did you do the Frankenstein bolts?


    Hi Kristin! I actually just bought a kit at a Halloween store, It came with the Frankenstein makeup :)


    About to start the baby bat costume for my 8 month old! Scored a black pilot hat at the thrift store today so that was my game changer Haha Excited to get this going! I have an old pair of striped PJ bottoms I’m going to cut & sew elastic onto for the leg warmers, hopefully that works out the way I’m envisioning it. :)


    ahhhh it sounds perfect!!! And SCORE on the pilot hat!!


    Your baby’s picture is being used all over the internet to sell baby bat costumes.


    ugh I know I have TRIED to stop it! It would be so awesome if you ever see it to leave a negative comment on their store or shop! I have tried and tried to have them take it down and it makes me so angry :( Thank you so much for letting me know!

    Christi J

    What type of fabric for the mummy costume?


    It’s just a cheap muslin fabric. Try to get a white or cream white. :)