I am still in Halloween recovery, from the all night sewing for days, to the (STILL) constant consuming of candy.  The decorations are now down, and I am a little sad it’s over!  I love Halloween, I mean, I am always down to dress up crazy… always – and Halloween gives me that excuse ;)  So when it comes to our Halloween costumes I can’t help but go all out.  I start to plan out our costumes in September.  Although I procrastinate and am up to my eye balls in fabric and sewing till all hours of the night about a week before…I can’t wait to do it all again next year.  This year we were a circus family, and it might be one of my favorites.  The boys looked beyond adorable!  And I was excited, because, when do you get a chance to wear a tutu?
This was the hit of all hits.  People were crowded around him all night taking pictures ha ha.  That lions mane could NOT be any cuter.
BODY: I bought a brown onesie online and sewed on some felt onto the bottom of each foot so he didn’t get holes in his onesie right away.
LION MANE: it is the BEST.  Unfortunately the women that makes it doesn’t anymore but she does have a pattern you can buy here if you are good at crochet.  ha ha or maybe you can pay someone to make it.  But I think it’s the best one around.)  OR if that seems like a bit too much you can look here for some other cute lions manes.
TAIL:  For the tail I just bought some of the same yarn at the craft store and made a braid and then added a puff at the end.
This costume was so easy and he LOVED being a “strong guy” ha ha.
BODY:  Since it’s halloween I knew he needed something on top to keep him warm so I bought a nude leotard.  This is perfect if you want to add chest hair (which I did with a sharpie) or even tattoos.
PANTS:  I wanted some cute black and white stripped pants but couldn’t find any so I ended up sewing some myself.
BELT:  Was an old belt I had that I spray painted all black.
SHOES: I thought black and white converse were the cutest.
To finish it all off I parted his hair down the middle (with help of lots of gel) and then drew a mustache on his face with an eyeliner pen.
BARBELL:  I took a wrapping paper tube, painted it black then taped on some black balloons on each end.  This can get trick, I recommend even using a low temp hot glue gun so that they really stay on.
I bought an old dance costume on ebay.  They have tons of cool ones.  Then I altered a few things.  I added feathers on the tops of my sleeves, and put some fabric on the back.
I wore black leggings.  And black flats (you could buy some black ballet shoes) where I clipped on a couple red flowers.
To finish off the costume I painted an old paper parasol red and black stripes and stuck a feather in my hair I got at a craft store.RING MASTER/ LION TAMER COSTUME
I found some REALLY cool stuff at the thrift store that I altered and it was really fun.  The pants were these old style high wasted pants that worked out perfect.  The boots were thrifted too but you can buy some cool mens black boots here.
The button up vest I found at a thrift store.  The white shirt was an old regular button up, I sewed on some frilly trim I found at a fabric store on the cuffs and around the collar.
To make the tie, I just bought some cool looking fabric and tied it around the collar.
The jacket was the hardest part.  I found a red velvet women’s jacket at the thrift store and altered it and cut it so it was shorter.  Then I added some darker red velvet trim.
You can find a hat here.
good luck!  These costumes were a lot of fun!
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    Kayla shaw

    Loved these costumes. They are my inspiration for this year.. could you tell me what kind of tie he is wearing? Is that an ascot or just a skinny tie tied differently?

    Oh yay! It is actually just fabric I bought at a fabric store. I just cut it into the size I wanted and tied it around his neck. I tried to buy a thicker fabric and its a knit so it sort of curls on the end. Hope that helps :)


    Did you ever post a DIY? Hoping to recreate something similar this year… I know Im thinking way ahead ;)


    I know I need to do this ASAP! Let me know what questions you have and I can answer anything! I will do that for next year!


    Hi love the costumes will be doing this with our family of 4 how did you make the strongest man costume? Thanks!


    I sewed the pants myself (don’t look to closely ha ha ha) And then I bought a nude dance leotard and took a sharpie, added some hairs. Then I made some muscles and just stuffed them into the leotard :) The belt was just something I found at a thrift store

    sandra oliveira

    Love these costumes! Are they all handmade? I’m trying to find a tutu dress similar to that and I found one on etsy but its sold out! Anyway would love tips on how you put the looks together


    I actually bought the tutu on Ebay! It was someones old dance costume ha ha And then altered it to make it look more like a tight rope walker :)

    Alex Santuci


    I am curious where or how you made the lion mane! I would love to dress my son up like this this year!


    I bought it off Etsy!! Its probably one of my most favorite purchases ever ha ha ha it made me laugh so much. She doesn’t sell them anymore just the patterns if you crochet…but here are some other super cute ones!!