I am BEYOND excited that this is my first Christmas DIY.  I have always been a Christmas fanatic, so I can’t pretend I haven’t been plotting some fun DIY’s way back in March.
I knew I wanted to make an advent calendar and since I am swimming in felt, this guy was born.  And I am really loving it!
Read the tutorial after the jump

 -Felt:  2 squares of each color
-Duck canvas:  cut into a 24×23 inches square.  Its actually best to lay out your diamonds first then glue and then cut.
-Embroidery floss:  contrasting colors
-Wood dowel
-Pom poms
Cut out diamonds in different colors.  The diamond I made is 5 inches tall by 3 inches wide.
 Cut out more diamonds and then cut them in half to make the pockets.
 It’s time to stitch!  If you are not into the long process of stitching, you can just glue everything.   And hang tags for the numbers. BUT if you are interested here is what I did.
1. Stitch the number on the triangle first
2.  Attach the pocked (triangle) by stitching around the outside.
Lastly hot glue the diamonds onto the canvas.  Hem the canvas.  Then sew the top making a spot of the dowel to go.
Hang and get your christmas fix every day!

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    ha ha sorry! I never saw this comment! For this I enlisted my husband ;) Most of the time Im not in the pictures so i just use a tripod and stuff