Well it is officially Christmas time, and I am beyond excited!  We have been out of town for the last 4 days, so today is going to be spent decorating.  This pom pom garland is going up all over my house!  This project is super easy.  A little time consuming, but I love those brainless projects where I can just watch a Christmas movie and craft.
Supplies needed:
An assortment of different yarn.  You are going to want different textures, colors, all within a similar color pallet.
It is fun to mix different yarns, for example mixing the sparkly yarn with the white, just wrap both yarns around the clover pom maker at the same time.
I used the clover small pom pom makers.  Here is a video describing how to use them.
Lastly, once you have enough pom poms, string them together using a tapestry needle (or just a needle large enough for yarn) and yarn.

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