This is the month of sweets!  Basically the most gluttonous month of the year, and I LOVE it.  There are so many candies, cookies, pies and hot chocolates, it seriously is my sweet tooth heaven.  AND the best part is people loooooove to give you treats, which I am 100% ok with, well until my pants start to get tighter.
I always look forward to making some fun cookies, making up a plate and passing them out to friends and neighbors.  BUT as I have said before packaging to me is everything.  So a cute craft box wrapped with a pom pom and the cutest personalized gift tag is just my style.  These personalized gift tags from Minted are so amazing!  They are like a Christmas card/ cute tag all wrapped up in one.  And so perfect for that mass production of yummy treats that you will be giving out this year.  Now who wants some cookies?
Christmas cookies DIY:
-Christmas tree cookie cutters (I got a couple from target)  Then I cut out the other trees just with a knife, easy peasy.
This was my decorating inspiration.
Bake, Frost and EAT (or I guess give them away wink wink)
Collaboration with Minted


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