I have been loving all the copper DIY’s and home decor I’ve been seeing lately!  I figured I needed to give into this new craving so  I bought some copper colored contact paper.
 This, combined with an inexpensive IKEA vase is the best combination!  It adds just a little copper in such a fun design.  Perfect for a quick update to an old vase or some decor for a party.  Copper is the new gold people (ha ha well probably not, but I really kind of love it).  Now I need to restrain myself…I am ready to use this copper contact paper on everything!  Seriously though, I need some ideas…What should I turn copper next?  I was thinking some frames?
IKEA vase (actually its a planter that I turned into a vase)
-Ruler and pen
 First- The Geo Design.
My triangles are 1 1/2 inches on each side and 1 5/16 tall
 After measuring out the height I cut out the strip
 Then measured out the triangles and cut them out.
 Starting at the bottom stick on each triangle.
 Second- The Stripped Design
I cut along the measured lines on the back of the contact paper.
 Stick on each strip about an inch apart.  But taper inward toward the bottom because the vase is smaller at the bottom.


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