I had to kick off my first Easter DIY with some fringe!
Fringe is fantastic, especially on an Easter basket/ bucket.  I bought these little buckets from the dollar section at Target and  knew I had to do something Easter-ish with them.  The colors are so fun and these are perfect as gifts, party favors or table decor.  You can also personalize them with a cute tag.
These tags are from Target as well, but you can also find a DIY here.
-Buckets or Baskets
 Measure string around your bucket or basket, with some additional so you can tie it.
  Cut out LOTS of little strings to tie on the fringe.
 Place the small string in a “U” shape over the long string
 Pull the bottom of the strings through the loop, it looks like a pretzel.
 Then pull, until it is tight
 Repeat until you fill the whole string, or enough to wrap around your basket.
 Tie the fringe on the basket/ bucket.  I didn’t use any glue, but if you do that you need to tie it on tight.
 Trim the fringe to the desired length.
Then you are done!! Fill with eggs and add a tag and your done :)

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