Easter is just around the corner, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to plan brunch (or dinner).  And if anyone knows me, knows I am not much into the cooking part.  Decorations are another story though ha ha.  I teamed up with Minted and put together some simple and colorful Easter decor using their amazing fabric! Seriously though, their fabric is so dreamy.  It took me FOREVER to pick just a few.
 More DIY’s to follow!

I am going to share some more of the DIY’s in a different post!  Here are a list of the supplies I used

Minted Fabric:
Table Setting:
Plastic silverware from Target
Succulent Center Piece:
This center piece seriously takes about 15 min to make!  If you ever saw my wood center piece boxes they are the same!  Although much longer and made with balsa wood (so no saw’s of any kind needed).  I took two pieces of balsa wood sizes 1/8 x 4 x 36in.  Measure out the length of your centerpiece and cut both pieces using an x-acto knife.  Then measure out width and cut again.  Glue together and then paint.  Look at my wood center piece boxes for some visuals.   Easy Peezy People!!
here are the measurements of my box when it was finished: 27′ x4.5′ I didn’t adjust the height I just used what height the balsa wood is 4′.  The succulents I bought fit perfectly with that height :)
Table Runner:
This project can be as easy as you want it to be!  First iron fabric.  If you want something quick like me, then just measure out how wide and long you want your table runner and then cut it out and your done!  If you want something that is longer lasting be sure to sew the sides.  I did use a rotary cutter so that my edges were (somewhat) straight ;)


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11 thoughts on “TELL: DIY EASTER BRUNCH

    Sara this is such a pretty and fun Easter table! It’s also yet another example of why you are a garland master- the eggs!! <3 I'm not much into the cooking part either. I always put the majority of my effort into the decor ;)

    thanks Amy!! I’m glad someone else is not as interested in the kitchen/ cooking part. Decor is always the best part ha ha

    This is so cute! I definitely love the color scheme.

    Thanks Brigitte! All thanks to minted fabrics ;)

    Meghan Jenson

    so pretty

    The colors, the succulents and garlands. <3 Fantastic job! I really REALLY love that succulent piece and may be making one now. Thanks!


    Seriously Sar, your blog is so amazing…and those plates!!!

    Thanks Brooke! I know RIGHT?? They are my all time favorite!! xo

    I’m loving all of the colors. Too cute!