HELLO June!!  I can’t believe this year is almost half over, but I LOVE summer, so I am ok with it ha ha.  In my last post I talked about my struggle with keeping succulents alive, SO naturally I needed to make a fun indoor planter ha ha.  Because I will NEVER give up, never!  I just love succulents too much ;)  This modern indoor planter is colorful, fun, cheap and will really brighten up any space, I love IKEA hacks.



IKEA Planter
Balsa Wood (my piece was 3/16 x 6 x 36 )
Acrylic Paint
Patterning Tape
Gorilla Glue
Washi Tape
X-Acto Knife

Place planter onto the balsa wood.  At an angle, exactly how you want the balsa wood to go.


Trace around the planter

IMG_4362-webIMG_4367-webCut out shape.  This trace, and cut out another one for the opposite side.    Then repeat the first few steps to the sides of the planter.IMG_4373-web

Place on the planter to check if everything lines up.  Sand down any edges that might be rough or stick out.  Use a fine grain sand paper.  Did you know you could sand balsa wood?  ha ha I didn’t, but Its pretty sweet ;) IMG_4368-web


Tape off pieces in a striped design.IMG_4379-web

Paint.  Let dry.  And then peal away the tape.IMG_4381-webStart to glue on pieces.  Make sure you put the glue about an inch in from the side of the wood piece.  The glue will expand and ooze out the sides if you don’t.  You can see I learned that the hard way with the below picture, and how close I put the glue to the sides ha ha.  The Gorilla Glue is not super fast drying so hold on the piece of wood for a few seconds and then come back and check and reposition a min later in case anything has shifted.  Continue checking and repositioning until it has completely dried.IMG_4377-web


Cover the bottom wood pieces in Washi tape.  This step is so simple.  Just lay out your washi tape and then cut off any excess.  IMG_6272-web

Then put in some succulents!  This planter does not have any drainage SO if you are like me and struggle with this whole “keeping your plants alive thing” you are not going to want to plant them into the planter.  Keep them in the pots they originally came in so they can breath and the water can escape.  Also this IS an indoor planter.  The balsa wood will not do well in wet weather ;)  Now go to IKEA and get your craft on!


I’m excited to be a part of the Summer Celebration!  Check out other fun summer inspired DIY’s from some amazing bloggers.



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You can join us in the summer celebration by using the hashtag #summercelebration on Instagram!

Happy Summer!

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    oh I just love this with the neon pink! You do the most fabulous work, Sara! So happy to have you in our series this summer!

    April Hoff

    Wow! I just love this planter! I really love how you used the balsa wood to add detail to basic Ikea piece! Adorable!

    This is so, so cute!! Perfection!

    Kathy Baugher

    This is awesome! Love the pop of pink and washi. Really modern and pretty!

    Sooo gorgeous Sara. Love the colors you chose <3


    Wow- this is so pretty. And what a gorgeous professional looking tutorial!! Fun to be on this series with you. Pinning this and sharing it on my FB page! Have a fabulous weekend:)