diy watermelon party free printable   I’m totally loving this new watermelon craze!  So of course it was only natural to create a cute party out of it.  I teamed up with Tara from Rad & Happy to create this modern themed watermelon party with free printables included for you to enjoy.  The party decor was created mostly using colored paper so it is so easy to make.  Now embrace this perfect  summer fruit and go make a party!

watermelon partywatermelon themed party watermelon partywatermelon party_

watermelon party food 2 cake garlandsummer party ideas watermelon party food


-all photos by Tara Nearents

“You’re one in a Melon” printable from Rad and Happy (You can get it printed at staples for $4)
-Tablecloth is from Target and painted with black acrylic paint.
-Colored Paper is from Hobby Lobby.
-Garland made from strips of paper glued to bakers twine

Table Centerpiece
-Take your two colors of paper
-Fold in half and draw a half circle on the paper
-Cut out the watermelon shape
Once you have cut out various sizes of watermelon take your green paper and cut out strips to lay underneath

diy watermelonmodern watermelon party

Watermelon Garland and Backdrop
-Take your 3.5 Inch hole punch and cut out circles
You can fit 6 circles per paper.
-Cut the circles in half
-Sew together


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42 thoughts on “WATERMELON PARTY


    I’m loving the watermelon craze at the moment too & this is so so cool! Definitely going to have to frame that printable :) Liv

    oh gosh I KNOW! Watermelons are having their moment and its wonderful ;)

    Love the fun post<3 thanks for sharing the watermelon are super cutee

    follow for follow?:)



    Paige Cassandra Flamm

    This party s so fun and pretty! I love the one in a melon sign!



    Thanks Paige! I know right?! It’s my favorite! All thanks to rad and Happy ;)

    Laurel (A Bubbly Life)

    this is the cutest thing ever!

    Thanks Laurel!!! your so sweet!

    This is just downright adorable!


    SARA! I want to be at this party. This is so so so cute. Pinning the heck out of it!

    your the sweetest! Thanks!!

    Seriously best party ever. Pinning, pinning, pinning!

    Awe thanks Alexis!! ha ha I still love it so much


    adorable…of course. i’m hurt my name isn’t on one of the place setting cards;) haha.

    ha ha ha! You are going to have to blame tara ;)


    This is so so good! I’m about to go on a pinning spree! lol

    ha ha awe thanks girl!

    so cute! i love those watermelon rope candies, movie snack of choice!

    Oh my gosh I KNOW!! ha ha we got them at IKEA, and they are perfect

    Jessica Holmes

    This is beautiful! Just found your blog and am loving it! :)

    Awe thanks Jessica! Thanks for stopping by xo

    Super cute! I love the table cloth and all the little details!

    Thanks so much Reshma!!

    Viktoriya Vetter

    Oh my! I wanted watermelon theme for my girls 1st b-day but it was vetoed… I’m in love and re-inspired with this post! They can’t stop me now!!!

    ha ha don’t let anyone veto you again!! Watermelons are the cutest ;)

    This is so much fun! Love the ‘one in a melon’ poster. Your kids must have the best parties ever!

    Thanks Emma!! ha ha I TRY not to go to overboard but I usually do anyways! xo


    Ok so my daughter is two months and I wanted to plan her bday party for the next nine months! Haha
    I found this party and its just TO DIE FOR! Could I copy any of this or would it be downright rude and lame?!? I love it! If I ever make a blog post about my daughters bday I can always link back to yours!

    ha ha you are my kind of girl! Planning birthday parties way in advance ;) Oh my gosh of COURSE you can copy any and all of it! That was the point of this post! If anyone wanted to throw a watermelon party here was an idea. I’m so excited you love it so much. And links are always welcome! You are so sweet to ask! But I would love to see it when it is all done (ha ha even if it is 9 months from now)

    Blair Lucas

    Hi! The one in a melon poster printable link is not working for me! I love it for my daughters first birthday!! Would you be willing to email the printables to me?? Or let me know if there is a different link to use now?? Thank you so much! Blaiirlucas@icloud.com ☺️

    Hi Blair! Oh gosh I am so sorry! I will look into this :) xoxo

    Kimberly Hopkins

    Hi! I have been planning my daughter’s 1st birthday for a few months and would LOVE to print the “one in a melon” poster to add to the party decor! The link isn’t working for me. Would you be willing to send it to me? krhopkins@gmail.com Thank you so much!

    Hi Kimberly! That is so weird! It’s working on my end. Ill email you though :)

    Veronica Mendenhall

    I would love the link for the large print but the link is not working for me either. Can you email it to me too? mendenhallveronica@gmail.com Thank you!

    Jenna Kimerling

    I’m trying to recreate your watermelon garland, but I’m confused about how you actually “sew” the semi-circles together. Do you actually use a needed and thread the baker’s twine through each piece, or did you just tape the twin to the backs?

    Oh Jenna I never saw this comment I’m so so sorry!! I sewed it with a sewing machine actually. If you don’t have a sewing machine I would think gluing it to bakers twine might be the next easiest rather than sewing it by hand? Let me know if you have any other questions :)

    Jenna Kimerling

    That’s okay! I really appreciate you responding when you did see it! I am actually just about to start “sewing” the watermelons, so it was perfect timing :)

    I can’t sew to save my life, so I’m going to try to tape the twine first. If tape doesn’t hold I’ll glue them together . . .

    I will definitely let you know if I have any more questions. Or if this turns out to be a disaster ;)

    Rachel Caporale

    LOVE the printable but having lots of trouble downloading it. could you possibly email to me as well? Thank you so much!

    Hi Rachel! So sorry, I am so confused why it’s not working for so many! Try this link, ill email it as well :) http://www.radandhappy.com/blog/2015/6/29/one-in-a-melon-party-with-free-printables


    Hi there – would love to know where you found the fabric for the table cloth! Thanks!

    Hi Caitlin :)

    The table cloth is just a plain white cotton one I bought from Target and then I painted dashes on it with black paint