I often walk through IKEA and just look for things that I can redo.  Its actually so much fun!  IKEA hacks are kind of my favorite.  So, when I saw these small plain white clocks for .99 cents I immediately thought … WASHI TAPE!  They are such a boring and simple clock and were just asking for a face lift.  And since I have a butt load of washi tape, the answer was clear.

This DIY is so incredibly simple and SO cheap.  These DIY washi tape clocks took me about 10 min and cost under $5 to make.  SO if your looking for a fun and easy way to add some color and fun to your office or room, this is it!
I noticed, after the fact, that Amy from Washi Tape Crafts created these clocks a few years ago.  I thought I was being totally unique and creative, but I guess not ha ha.  Great minds think alike cause she is awesome!  And, although I do my very best to keep this blog unique in every way, this was too cute not to share.



-Washi Tape
-IKEA clocks
-X-acto knife

1.  Gather up your supplies and pick out coordinating washi tape colors.  I got mine from Target.
2.  Start to cover the face and front of the clock with one strip of washi tape at a time.  Carefully placing each piece close to the next.
3.  Wrap around the top and bottom of the clock and fold over.
4.  When you have covered the font, top and bottom.  Cut off any excess that is on the side.
5.  Then do a few small pieces on either side of the clock.  I just cut these pieces to size.  No overlapping or folding pieces over.
6.  Take a sharp object (I used my nail) and outline the face of the clock.  There is a small indentation that you can outline.  This will help in cutting it so you don’t stray off the path or make any random cuts.
7.  Cut over the indentation you made with an x-acto knife.  Cut slowly so you don’t mess up.
8.  Peal away, one piece at a time, the now cut tape on the face of the clock. I would go over the whole clock with your finger nail or a ruler to make sure the washi tape really sticks down. And your done!
5 min DIY washi tape clock

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17 thoughts on “DIY WASHI TAPE CLOCKS

    IKEA is amazing!

    I KNOW!! It’s kind of my happy place!

    Paige Cassandra Flamm

    These clocks are so fun and cute!


    Thanks so much Paige!! I seriously want to make 20 ha ha

    Those clocks are begging to be washi’d!! But I like the way you went all the way around . . . . smart! Yours are awesome!!

    Amy you seriously ROCK!! ha ha no pun intended. But I was like ha ha oh dang, how did I accidentally do the same craft! BUT I was like, I feel pretty special that I was thinking the same as Amy cause she is a genius ;)


    Yes! These are brilliant. Love love love.


    Very nicely done!!! super cute!!

    Rachel x

    great project! Washi tape is addictive!



    this is so cute AND in the wheel house of what I’m capable of! thanks for sharing :)

    trish – tales from trish

    Oh perfect! Im so glad :)

    I have to try this! They’re SO cute : )

    This is so cute! I really need to get me some maybe for one of my to-do summer break projects! Thanks for the inspiration


    I need help finding a clock that looks like that. I don’t have an IKEA anywhere near where I live