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Instagram pics via here

Oh man this month has been a crazy!! Anniversaries, birthdays, trips…it was a busy one!  So this week has been quiet here on the blog.  But sometimes I just gotta sit back and soak up the good times and save some crafting for later.  But I’ll see you next week!  Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy a few Friday favorites.

Probably the cutest giveaway that ever existed…also its been extended 10 days!
Can’t WAIT for this!
A must try DIY…and those colors are perfect.
I need to can something so I can use these.

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4 thoughts on “FRIDAY FAVORITES

    Erika Balban

    love the photos, really colourful!xx

    Steph Bauer

    Very cute and bright! Love it, makes me think of areas of the country where it’s nice out and we want to go outside

    Oh my goodness, new emojis!?! I can’t wait wait!

    Have a great weekend dear! xoxo

    I can totally use the bacon emoji a lot! Everything is better with bacon.