Halloween party decorIt’s official, Halloween crafts have begun!  I am pretty excited, doing Holiday crafts are some of my favorites.  So I’m starting out this season with an easy DIY Halloween Banner.  I found some fun letter stickers at Target in the clearance section and bought a whole bunch, cause I figured I would use them for something.  This DIY is very simple and the magic is all in the pen :)

White Card Stock
Black Pen (The tip of this pen is perfect for the designs.  It is so simple to because the tip is like a paint brush)
Bakers Twine
Sticker Letters (I got my stickers in the clearance section at Target, But they have other letters there as well)
Heavy Duty Paper Punch

-Cut out card stock into flag shape.  Mine are about 4 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.  But you should cut out the shape of the flag depending on how large your sticker letters are.  You can measure and cut out one and then trace a whole bunch.
-Take your pen and start to draw on your design.  Stripes, dashes and circles.  I liked the whole drawn look.
-Outline the flags, once you have drawn on all the designs.  I just freehanded them, but you can use a ruler.
-Stick on your letters.
-Gather a stack of the flags and punch two holes at the top.
-String the flags onto the Bakers Twine.

halloween decor diy

Halloween party decor

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    So cute! I love the pops of color on the black and white.


    This is so cute! I love it, especially the black and white patterns with the colorful letters!

    Zenaida Luciano

    Wowww, Amazing DIY items for Halloween, I will have a try this year too, thank you.

    Zenaida at DevilPlus

    Thanks Zenaida!! yes do it!! xoxo