There will never be a shortage of colorful party decor on this blog…never!  Ha so with that being said I bring you bright, colorful tissue paper lanterns.  It’s my ode to the end of summer.  I kind of want to make a million of these and hang them all over my ceiling, they are just THAT fun.  No glue involved here, just some tissue paper and scissors.  So if your looking for some end of summer party decor (these would be so cute outside with lights!) then a tissue paper lantern is it!  Because you will be seeing a lot more orange and black on here for the next month!
Tissue Paper (I got mine from target, it’s a little thicker)
Embroidery Hoops ( I used 3 different sizes 3″, 4″ and 5″)

-Measure the outside of the embroidery hoop.
-then measure out you tissue paper.  Cut pieces the length you measured on the hoop.  The length all depends on you and how long you want your lanterns to be.
-Cut them all the same length and height.  I cut 8-9 pieces for the each lantern alternating colors.
-After I layed out the colors how I want them I started to cut them to size.  The outside piece of the lantern is the shortest and the bottom piece is the longest.
-Line up all the pieces and wrap them around the inside piece of the embroidery hoop.
-Open the outside piece of the embroidery hoop the widest it can go and put it on top of the tissue paper and other embroidery hoop.
-Tighten the hoop around the tissue paper.  Trim off any tissue paper sticking out the top.
-Then take your scissors and start to give your lantern some fringe by cutting upward.
-Lastly cut some string or bakers twine and STRONG tape or glue (ha ha guess I lied about the no glue) it to the inside of your lantern so they can hang.Tissue-paper-lantern-how-to

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    Yay this is so happy and bright! Love it
    Hannah x

    Thanks Hannah!! ha ha its soooo colorful but I LOVE it ;)

    Paige Cassandra Flamm

    These lanterns are so fun and cute! I love them!



    Thanks paige ;) I am sort of in love with this tissue paper I got from Target

    Super fun and super easy! I need to try this!

    yes!! So many fun color options