I am a sucker for adorable ornaments.  Especially when they are colorful and covered in glitter.  Learn how to make these easy peasy DIY glitter popsicle ornaments for your tree, because every tree for SURE needs some popsicles on it (and more glitter).  ALSO, I got to be a part of an ornament swap with some other fabulous bloggers, which is kind of my most favorite idea.  1.  Because it’s fun to share things I make with others.  and 2.  Because I LOVE getting fun handmade stuff from other talented ladies.  Check out all those involved at the end of the post!
-Sculpty Clay
-Popsicle Sticks
Jewelry Eye Pins
Acrylic Paint

-Roll out the clay and cut out popsicle shape.  I just freehanded mine, but you can cut a paper template before.  Make sure they are thick so that the popsicle stick doesn’t mess up the shape.
-Take a popsicle stick and snap it in half.
-Stick it in the half popsicle stick bottom.
-Take an eye pin and stick it in the top.
IMG_4896--diy-Bake popsicles with sticks and eye hooks for 15 min at 275 degrees.  The sticks won’t burn because the temp is too low and they aren’t in there for too long.
-Let cool.  Then paint with acrylic paint.  Let dry
IMG_4895--diy-Cover in mod podge and pour on the glitter.  Then put another layer of mod podge on top to keep the glitter from shedding everywhere.
-Then hang on tree :)

Here are all the other fabulous bloggers involved in the ornament swap, go check out what they made!  And you can see all our ornaments on instagram with the hashtag #swapthatdiy.

Malissa and Machelle from A Joyful Riot
Jessica, Jenna and Jodi from J. Sorelle
Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion
Miranda from One Little Minute
Christina from Christina Williams Blog
Amy from DIY Candy
Gwen from The Bold Abode
Liz and Sam from The Pretty Life Girls
Laurel from A Bubbly Life

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    These are so so cute! XOXO

    Paige Cassandra Flamm

    These are so so cute! I can totally see these on your tree!