Lets talk peeps people!  I LOOOOOVE them!  They are seriously the best.  Not only cute but delicious as well (especially stale peeps, anyone else with me on this??).  But I DO feel like a majority of people are not into peeps.  They are an Easter staple!  And I mean marshmallows, covered in sugar…what is NOT to like??   So lets put them in a cute box with clever peep puns and I think we can change some minds.  What do you think??
These fun peep gift boxes are easy peezy and will brighten anyones day, even the peep haters out there ;)
You can put on a clever pun or personalize them, either way they are more special.

Easter-DIY-ideas-for-Peeps A-fun-way-to-give-peeps-this-EasterClever-DIY-Peep-puns-and-gift-boxes-for-Easter
Macaron Boxes (or you could get a long cookie box from Michaels)
-1 inch White Vinyl Letters (I got mine at Staples)
Colorful sharpies -This Electro pop set are the colors I used and they are AMAZING!
Hole Punch
Glue Stick
Colored Paper

Fill your box with some Easter grass and peeps.

Color the letters you are going to use

Peel and stick onto your cookie box
Punch out circles in different colored paper and glue stick onto box to add a little something fun.

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16 thoughts on “DIY PEEP GIFT BOXES


    These are seriously too cute. Love them!


    Love the bright happy colors you used! And those boxes are the PERFECT fit for Peeps!!

    ha ha i KNOW! Who needs macaroons when peeps fit just as good ;)

    Paige Cassandra Flamm

    These boxes are so stinkin cute! You did an amazing job!


    Thanks Paige! ha ha I just LOVE peeps so much


    Oh my gosh so cute! I’m not a marshmallow anything fan, but I would TOTALLY make this and be stoked to get one

    ha ha ha that was my goal, to change peoples hearts ;)

    These are absolutely adorable!! I love them!!

    xo Loren

    Patricia McCormack

    Cute boxes! The only way to eat peeps is stale, by the way!

    ahhhhhh yes! I LOVE that you are a stale peeps fan too :) We gotta stick together ha ha

    I’ll admit I’ve never been a big fan of Peeps but I would happily get some if they came in these cute boxes!

    ha ha yes! That was the goal :) thanks sarah

    These are so so cute! I love every little detail! And I never knew Michael’s had cookie boxes – I’ll definitely have to look for them next time I’m there.

    Thanks so much Rachel! I got these ones from Paper mart, they are macaroon boxes, but you can find some smaller more compact cookie ones at Michaels. Although not pink ha ha and that might be a game changer ;)