DIY-geo-painted-containers-used-two-fun-and-simple-ways copyI am in looooove with how these turned out.  Ha ha I am not going to be humble here guys, the colors, shapes and everything just go so so well together.  These simple DIY painted wood containers have so much wow factor.

I mean, when I saw these plain wood geo boxes at Target it was love at first sight.  I KNEW I would find a good use for them, in fact I found TWO.  I mean the possibilities are endless.  So no matter what you end up doing with these colorful geo containers they will look fabulous!
Here are the two ways I styled these beauts.painted-geo-pot-two-ways

Although these containers are light weight, they are very sturdy and perfect holders for all those pesky office supplies.  I LOVE how they look on my desk, all bright, happy and fun.  Makes me look organized too (which is always nice, since I’m NOT)DIY-Geo-Painted-cups-to-hold-pens,-scissors-or-other-office-supplys

colorful-painted-DIY-geo-scissor-holder-for-your-desk-or-office colorful-geo-painted-pen-holder-for-your-deskDIY-geo-painted-pen-holders-for-your-office-supplies
Another fun way to fill up these cute colorful containers are with succulents or cacti!  Gotta love me some succulents.  The great thing is that they don’t need to be watered much so your pot won’t get ruined.DIY-painted-colorful-pot-used-in-two-different-waysDIY-painted-geo-pots,-an-easy-DIY-that-is-colorful-and-fun


-Wood Geo Shaped Containers- I got mine from target…here and here.
Martha Stewart Acrylic Paints:  you want to use a variation of one color per container.  For the pink I mixed some pink in with the orange and light pink to get a color that blended better.
Martha Stewart Paint Brushes
Martha Stewart Patterning TapeSupplies-needed-to-paint-a-DIY-geo-pot supplies-needed-to-paint-a-fun-and-colorful-geo-pot

Start by taping off sections of the geo pot to make more geometric shapes.  I wanted a lot of triangles on both pots so I just divided each section with tape and painted each one a different geo painted pot 2
Continue taping and painting each section.  I would paint one section then let it dry before painting the other half of the
Then you are finished!! Time to fill them up :)geo-painted-pots-

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    Paige Cassandra Flamm

    These containers are so cute! I’m obsessed!


    Thanks so much Paige!!!


    I also fell in love with these at Target and the colors you used on the green one are stealing my heaaaaaaart!!!

    Thanks Amy! ha ha those greens are SO you ;)


    I think they turned out fabulous! Such happy hues!

    So so so prefect! I totally agree, you nailed the colors on this one. Also, I think you should sell them too!

    Thanks Sarah! Coming from you, the color wizard, that means a lot ;) ha ha oh Ill need some selling tips from you!

    I saw these at Target the other day. I love what you did with them! (And two cheers for Target having such cool craft supplies these days, huh?)

    Thanks so much! ha ha I KNOW, so many good things…It’s so hard for me not to buy everything!

    Romy Chaney

    Oh wow this is such a cute idea and it looks so good !

    Thanks Romy! Gotta thank target for their cute wood suffs…I swear its just asking to be painted ;)

    So so so good!! You use color so well. Nailed it!


    Well these are just so stinkin’ cute!

    Stephanie Carrizal

    could you please share the colors for the green one.
    Thank You! they are so cute!