fun cactus gift ideas

Ok…so I truly love succulents but I have always had an issue with keeping them alive.  Cacti on the other hand are seriously unreal…they never die ha ha I swear!  Basically they are the best plants EVER!  So this round up of fun cactus gift ideas is in honor of the cactus cause they are cute (and don’t die ha ha).  Happy Friday everyone!


1.  Cactus Pencil Case   2.  Cactus Phone Case   3.  Wall Clock  4.  Mini Cactus Pinatas
5.  Cactus Candle  6. Envelope Clutch  7. Cactus Pillow

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3 thoughts on “FUN CACTUS GIFT IDEAS

    Number 5 and 6 are so cute! Actually reading this while I’m heading to a market to buy some succulents! I LOVE THEM! They’re so pretty and small and cute!

    Maz |

    ha ha you can never have too many succulents ;)

    Candace McGee

    #7 please! Awww these are cute. I’ve never been into succulents of flowers but lately that’s changed. Have no clue why! lol I definitely want to make a terrarium as well.