Valentine’s Day is the best, and has been since I was a little kid.  I LOVED getting all those fun cards with candy and today nothing has changed.  Although, people have stepped up their card game!  Like big time.  I remember when buying them at the store was the norm, NOW there are so many adorable ideas, cute printable cards and clever sayings that you can all make at home.  I rounded up 20 free printable valentines that are creative, adorable and fun.  There is something in here for everyone, from cute puns to David Bowie.  So whether they are for your kid’s class or yourself, this list is a good one ;)

printable-valentines1. 80’s Inspired Valentines  2. Valentine Day Postcards  3. Printable Valentine Stickers 
4. Matchbook Covers  5. “I love you more than”…Printable  6. Button Valentine Printables
7. You Rock Valentine  8. You’re a Cutie Valentine
9. Printable Valentine Cards  10. Printable Valentines for Everyone

20 free valentine printables1. David Bowie Valentines  2. You Have a Pizza My Heart  3. Fish in the Sea Valentine
4.  Ex-Straw Special Valentine   5. Printable Heart Sunglasses  6. Like How You Roll Valentine
7. Tic-Tac-Toe  8. Bananas For You
9. Have a Heart Printable  10. Pucker Up Valentine 

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    I’m in love with that pizza card!

    This is the most fun, colorful round-up I’ve ever seen. So many cute Valentines!

    Andreia Cabanas

    Thank you so much for sharing those ideas. I am always searching for original ideas for the Valentine´s day gift and this one is pretty awesome! I also like a lot the pizza card! Do you know where I could find the pdf of the packaging?