You know the saying “third times a charm?”  Well I feel like this about knowing and loving certain baby products, I have finally figured out what I really love and why.  It only took me my third baby to finally figure it all out ha ha.  I have always been kind of a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff but this time around I am even more so and have chosen products that are useful and last awhile.  So I can’t wait to share with you guys what my favorites are because less is more am I right?  So here are 9 of, what I think are, some must-have baby products.

1.  Baby Bjorn Highchair– One thing I found to be very important are space savers.  Because baby stuff all over the house taking up room is very annoying.  This high chair isn’t only adorable and easy to clean BUT folds up so its easy to tuck it away or put it in a cupboard if you need to save space.

2.  Aiden And Anis Baby Blankets – These have and will always be my favorite.  They are so so soft and the best blankets for almost anything.  I can use them as a nursing cover if I’m in a pinch, they are light weight and easy to shove in your bag without taking up too much space.  They can be a burp cloth and are the perfect light weight blanket.

3.  Chocolate Milke pants – Probably the most frustrating part about buying baby clothes is how quickly it stops fitting them.  You buy something adorable and in a month its too small.  These pants are the SOFTEST comfiest pants and stretch so much they can last for twice as long.  Gotta love cute stylish pants that your babe can wear for awhile.

4.  Milk Snob nursing Cover – This was a game changer guys!!  Its multifunctional, it can be used as a car seat cover, a cover for shopping carts, and the BEST nursing cover ever.  It covers you front and back, and when your babe gets older and the whole “crazy flailing, pulling and kicking while nursing begins”… you are safe.  No boob flashing here ha ha.

5.  Woombie – My friend introduced me to this little gem.  It is the best way to swaddle your older babies, it stays in tact but gives them room to move around.  Basically how they felt in the womb.

6.  Sakura Bloom Sling – I LOOOOOVE this sling!  Its super duper soft, so easy to put on, comfortable, cute and my baby loves it.  All the reasons that make for a good baby carrier.  I also love that it isn’t so obtrusive and bulky, its just the best.  And it lasts for sooooo long!  You can carry them as newborns and even as older kids.

7.  Promptly Journals – I am kind of a snob when it comes to baby books.  I love simplicity, its so pretty and timeless.  This book is so beautiful!  AND it goes from pregnancy to 18 years of age which is such a wonderful way to keep a journal of your child’s life.

8.  Baby Bjorn Bouncer Mini – This bouncer is so simple and so amazing!  I love the look, which is huge because its in your living room ALL the time, but its also so functional with no silly frills.  It is so amazing for newborns!  They can sprawl out and not be all squished.  Nash LOVED it and would fall asleep in it all the time.

9. California Baby Diaper Rash Creme – I love this stuff and have since my first.  The smell is so nice, its natural and a little goes a long way.

I wanted to share this pic via instagram of me in my sakura bloom wrap, it really is the best guys!IMG_3193

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    I love these! <3 Expecting my first baby in May…so am definitely on the hunt for some useful products because I have zero experience! :)

    Oh my gosh CONGRATULATIONS! Such an exciting time! And glad I could help a little :)