If you know me you know I love anything themed! Parties, girl’s nights, dinners, holidays etc.  SO when my boys became obsessed with all things Star Wars I knew it was only a matter of time before something Star Wars themed was going to happen.  And so a Star Wars Movie night was born.  I have always been a big Star Wars fan but I swear I love it even more watching it with my boys.  Their excitement reminds me why these movies are so great.
I am sharing a few tips on how to throw a super fun themed family Star Wars Movie night that is simple and your kids and even you will enjoy!Star-Wars-Pajama-movie-night-ideas copy LTDStar-Wars-Pajamas copy LTDStar-Wars-Pajama-Party copy LTDStar-Wars-kids-Pajamas copy LTDHanna-Andersson-Family-Star-Wars-Pajamas copy LTD
First there needs to be pajamas.  And not just ANY jammies!  They must be Star Wars and how about glow in the dark to make them THAT much more fun?!   I am all about getting comfy cozy while watching a movie and pajamas are a must for me.  And I am not sure what gets more festive than these Hanna Andersson family matching pj’s.

Next there needs to be food (obviously)!  I wanted to throw a light side/dark side theme.  Since this is just a movie night I didn’t want to go overboard on decor or treats.  I just wanted a few fun snacks to make it festive.  I liked the idea of red snacks (dark side) and blue snacks (light side) and then let the kids choose.
First I dyed the popcorn.  This actually was much easier than I thought.  I found a great recipe here that uses coconut oil instead of corn syrup.
Colored-popcorn LTDStar-Wars-Movie-Night-Ideas copy LTD

Next I wanted to spice up the drinks with these Star Wars printable drink labels.  I bought red sodas and blue sodas and then put these fun labels on them.  These only take a few minutes to make and you can print them at home.

Download the Stormtrooper and lightsaber printable here.
Star-Wars-Drink-Labels copy LTD-Print out designs.
-Measure and cut out a strip.
-Use double sided tape and tape the back.
-Wrap around, use extra tape to enforce and voila! You got yourself some Star Wars drinks.

DIY-Star-Wars-Drink-Labels copy LDTStar-Wars-Movie-Night-Ideas-- LTDStar-Wars-Pajamas-2 copy LTDStar-Wars-Family-Pajama-party-ideas copy LTDStar-Wars-themed-treats LTDThis was seriously so fun!  More themed movie nights are for sure in the future!
May the force be with you ;)

Pictures and printables from Rad and Happy.

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    I absolutely love the pyjamas, they’re so adorable!

    Aren’t they so fun?? And the kids LOVE that they glow in the dark ;)