My sweet friend Tara from Rad and Happy is having a baby girl and I couldn’t be more excited for her!!  Of course she needed a baby shower to celebrate.   Now if anyone knows Tara they know she loves black and white BUT since she is having a baby girl there needed to be some pink am I right?? The theme was simple and the colors all black, pink and white.  I’m sharing all the details of the shower and how you can DIY your own black and pink baby shower below.


pink-and-black-baby-shower-ideasBlack-and-White-baby-shower crustini-appetizersCute-pink-and-black-baby-showerembroidery-hoops

Creating this shower was so much fun.  It wasn’t over the top but at the same time so elegant and fun to put together.  I am sharing all my DIY’s below of how to recreate any part of this baby shower that won’t break the bank and look fabulous!

First I made the the embroidery hoop art.  This craft is super inexpensive and doesn’t take long at all.
Embroidery Hoop DIY
Embroidery hoops
(You will want to use the ones without the hardware or remove the hardware from the ones you have.
Black yarn, or embroidery thread
Glue Gun
-Glue the first strand into place and then begin to wrap.  Once you have finished use a second dot of glue to secure it in place.  When you have made all your embroidery hoops then you can arrange them and hot glue them together.

Embroidery Wrapped Vases
Clear vases or jars
Black yarn or embroidery thread
-I wanted to incorporate the embroidery thread somewhere else and decided to wrap the clear vases.  It just added a little something and tied everything together.  No need for glue.  Just tie and wrap and then tie off.

Dip Dyed Table Cloth
-Muslin fabric (I found some for $2.99 a yard.  And with a Joanne coupon it was even cheaper) 
Black Rit Dye
-This project doesn’t take long.  Follow the dye instructions.  I dip dyed two opposite ends then let the dye drip and make cool shapes throughout the fabric.  I then rung it out which gave it that grayish purplish color throughout.

Pink Wood Backdrop
-Giant wood piece
-Pink Paint
Command strips
-You can find cheap wood at home depot.  Cut and paint!  Super easy and a great way to add a lot of color.  Once they are done use command strips to hang them or secure them to a wall.  No one wants a giant pink piece of wood falling in the food ha ha.

DIY Donut Wall
I got this idea from The Merry Thought!  So cute right?? You can find the DIY here.
-If you know me you know I don’t really like donuts.  But Tara LOVES them so I knew this donut wall was a must.  Its actually very simple to make and I am for sure using it at other gatherings.

Tables are from IKEA
Plates from Hip Hip Party Goods
Cake Stands
Cookies by Jana Oberan
Crostini appetizers from Parsley and Pepper

I tried to have the desserts stick to the color theme of pinks, whites and blacks.  And then had friends bring a few appetizers.  It was seriously so much fun, NOT insane to plan or create and really turned out beautiful!

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