The Holidays are here and I am giddy, because if you know me, you know the holidays are my jam.  I thrive on all the excitement, magic, parties, outings, activities, get togethers and just old fashioned entertaining.  Having people I love over for a party is my most favorite.  Although don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of stress that comes with the holidays too, especially if you are the one hosting.  BUT have no fear because I teamed up with Lemi Shine to share some great entertaining tips to keep your stress level low. I’m also sharing some SUPER cute table decor, pumpkin vases, free printables and how to make store bought flowers look dreamy!  Lots of good stuff to make your parties the BEST parties!
Ain’t no party like a fall dinner party hey…ho!

Fall entertaining means dinners, am I right?  Whether it’s a cozy girls night in, Thanksgiving with families or just some holiday get togethers, there is food involved (and I am 100% on board with that).  I decided to put together a fun girls night dinner party with all the fall colors that make me swoon.  fall-table-decor-2fall-table-decor-8fall-table-decor-7fall-table-decor-4fall-table-decor-26fall-table-decor-15fall-table-decor-9fall-table-decor-5fall-table-decor-28

Fall entertaining can be so fun because not only can you incorporate flowers, but also pumpkins!  It’s such a cheap and fun way to add so much to your table decor without breaking the bank.  And spray painting them takes it to a whole other level.  I decided to stick with pinks and oranges, because one, it’s a girls night in party and two, it’s gorgeous!  Throw some spray painted pumpkins down, some greenery and then some DIY pumpkin vases and voila!  You have got yourself a killer fall tablescape.  One money saving tip is instead of placemats, which I never seem to have, use napkins.  They work so great are the perfect size and multipurpose is always the way to go.  This parties placemats are next parties napkins.
Next are these ADORABLE printable name tags.  I have always loved place cards because it adds something personal to a regular dinner party.  These printable banners are perfect.  I printed them on watercolor paper which gave them so much texture.  Then painted over them with a light orange watercolor.  I sized mine down but you can adjust to whatever paper you are printing on.

Printable Place Card

Now let’s talk about the real hero of any party….and that is (well YOU of course, ha) your cleaning supplies.  Seriously it’s those behind-the-scene life savers that make the parties happen for me EVERY time.  All the prep and cleaning is where the real magic happens and I can’t do it alone.  Let me introduce you to these guys….

The gang’s all here!
Lemi Shine products have won my heart!  They have brought out the clean freak in me that I always thought didn’t exist.  I am officially #cleanfreakclean all the way now.  They smell sooooooo good, and that is always first and foremost on my cleaning supply must haves list. They work amazing and have no harsh chemicals!  With any party I ever throw there is a full-blown cleaning party that happens the night before.  The house needs to get a full clean up before I decorate and make it dirty all over again, ha.  Probably my most coveted entertaining tip is start with a clean house, then clean as you go… it sure does lessen the stress.  Because no matter what, you will have a mess to clean up in the end, but it will be a LOT less.fall-table-decor-27lemi-shine-cleaning-products

Lemi Shine’s everyday cleaner is for sure my go to.  From table tops, to kitchen counters, this gets the job done and smells so good in the process.  It has GUNKGUARD so it leaves a protective layer that helps with cleans ups later on.  I basically keep it in a holster on my hip because party prep has its messes too.  Lemi Shine concentrated liquid dish soap is dreamy and works sooo good for that after party clean up.  Also can we PLEASE talk about the Lemi Shine disposal cleaner??? I honestly didn’t know that was a thing?  But it is seriously the coolest, makes my kitchen smell fresh and now I am hooked.

Speaking of party prep let’s talk pumpkin vases!!  After I did this DIY I am officially a fan.  WAY easier than I ever thought.  Also some tips on making regular store bought flowers look professional.fall-table-decor-11fall-table-decor-13fall-table-decor-30

-Small pumpkin
-Spray Paint
-Floral Foam (optional)

I chose to spray paint my pumpkins first but I honestly think either way is fine.
Cut off the top and clean out the center.Also shave a little more off on the inside of the pumpkin alone the top.
Don’t forget!  Use Lemi Shine and clean as you go.
pumpkin-vase-diy-2pumpkin-vase-diypumpkin-vase-diy-3 Now onto the prettiest part…the flowers.
-So the key to having a pretty floral bouquet is most definitely the greenery.  Different shapes, colors and textures is also very important because it really takes your bouquet to the next level.  I chose a few different styles including eucalyptus which is my favorite.  A little green goes a LONG way!
-You also want to buy a statement flower.  I chose these small roses.
-Cut the flowers smaller to fit whatever pumpkin size you have.
-If you are using Floral Foam soak it and put it in before adding the flowers.  I chose just to clean my pumpkin out really good and put the water right in it and it worked just fine.  You could also put in a can, or small bowl inside.
-Put the flowers in FIRST.  This is important because they are the statement and then the greenery will go around to compliment it.
-Slowly start to add the greenery or other tiny flowers.
-Add the taller straight greenery to the middle and then the more dangely toward the outside so they hang over the side.  Like the eucalyptus.
-Lastly the leaves.  I think this was the best finishing touch. Take some of the leaves from other flowers (try to get large ones) and use these right along the edge of the pumpkin (under the bouquet).  They looks so pretty hanging over the pumpkin and that extra green is so so pretty.


This post is in sponsorship with Lemi Shine.  All opinions are my own.
Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Tell Love and Party going.

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    I definitely love the colour scheme you used for the table and the pumpkins, it’s so bright and cheerful!

    Paige Cassandra Flamm

    That table is amazing! You did an incredible job!


    I love so much these arrangements with pumpkins. Just shared on my facebook page some very beautiful. I’m so so sad that my home is so small and I don’t have much space for these beautiful decorations. They are beautiful :)))

    It’s lovely. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing this post.