I love throwing kids birthdays, they are always so much fun!  So when my 4 year old asked for a Monster Dance Party, I knew it was going to be a good one!   This party was so much fun to put together and I’m sharing all the details!  Monster banners, fun crafts and cute cakes!

The Monster Cake:
-I used round cake molds.
-I used this frosting tip to get the furry look.
-To make the eyes, separate oreos then take some frosting to add junior mint eyes.
-Take a thin skewer and push it into the oreo frosting.
-Then add eyelids.
-Stick them into cake.

-Frost cupcakes in fun colors.
-Then add candy eyeballs.

Monster lollipops are from here.

The monster letter birthday banner was my VERY favorite!  It is by the far the cutest addition to the party decor.
Download this cute Happy Birthday Monster Banner here.

monsterbirthday-01    monsterbirthday-02    monsterbirthday-03   monsterbirthday-04
I printed mine at staples on cardstock.  Cut it out, punch holes and then hang.Another fun part of the party was the monster t-shirts.  Each kid got to choose their own monster and we ironed it on a t-shirt that they wore at the party.  It was so cute!  and fun to see which monster everyone chose.
I bought these cute monsters, changed their colors in photoshop and then printed them onto iron on transfer paper.Another fun craft at the party were these fun monster eye headbands.  I had a little station set up with the eye balls, headbands and eyebrows.  I pre-made all the eyeballs, punched the holes and even attached them to the pipe cleaners.  I wanted to make it as easy as possible for a 4 year old.  They were pretty dang cute!The eye balls are very easy to make!

Ping Pong Balls.  You want the cheapest kind, I got mine from the dollar store.
Sharpies (different colors)
Push Pins
Pipe Cleaners

-Draw a circle with the black sharpie
-Color it in leaving a few white spots.
-Draw around the outside with a colored sharpie.   It’s fun to have different colors.
-Take a push pin and punch a hole at the bottom.
-Take a pipe cleaner and stick it into the hole till its secure.
-Wrap onto headband.This little cutie had a blast stuffing his face with treats and dancing with all his friends!!  Monster birthday party success!

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    I love the cake, well actually I love everything! So much work was put into the details, wow!


    Absolutely adorable! Your letters are darling and I especially love the cupcakes!

    This is so cute! You did an amazing job!



    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!