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The holidays are my VERY favorite, ever!  I am a full blown Christmas freak!  And because of my “small” Christmas obsession, I want to do anything I can to embrace the holiday giving spirit!  One of which is giving gifts to let people know I care.  Whether it’s friends, co-workers, neighbors or even the mailman, I love to give gifts.  Now, even though I LOVE giving gifts, the Holidays can be a time of stress and I try SO so hard each year to alleviate that stress.  I teamed up with Give Bakery Because to help you create these beautiful DIY cookie gift boxes without ANY of the stress.  Because when I find a life/holiday hack I want to share! The best part?  Delicious cookies are involved!  Cookies without stress? Sign me up!

Now are you ready for my gift-giving holiday hack?  #givebakery!
Give delicious, fresh treats from the bakery section at your favorite grocery store!  Everyone will love the treats and instead of slaving in the kitchen for hours on hours you can wrap them cute and give a sweet (pun intended) treat put together in mintues!
It’s a holiday miracle if you ask me!

Now, I am all about an assortment during the Holidays and cookies are my favorite to give because there are so many kinds to choose from.  Basically buy ALL the cookies-chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter and more!  I am a believer you can never have too many.

Now let’s get wrapping!

-An assortment of cookies from your local grocery store bakery department.
-Tissue Paper
-Brown kraft boxes
-White acrylic paint
-Small foam pouncer
-Paint brush

1.  First things first… the cookies!!!  Make a bakery run!  Go to your local grocery store bakery and pick up a bunch of fresh baked cookies.
2.  Take your kraft boxes and assemble them.
3.  Take a piece of paper and line it up diagonal on the box.
4.  Paint your foam pouncer with your paintbrush (this helps it to not be goopy and go on nicely).  Start stamping the box with half the pouncer on the paper and half on the box.  This creates the half circle.
5.  Do a row, then move the paper down to do the next row.
6.  Put in the tissue paper.  Then fill it up with all the yummy cookie goodies.
7.  Tie with a bow and give to someone for the holidays.

Easy peasy!!  It is my holiday dream come true!  Give delicious treats without all the craziness!
Check out more creative ways to Give Bakery Because on their pinterest page and share your tasty gifting creations using #GiveBakery.

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3 thoughts on “DIY COOKIE GIFT BOXES

    What a great idea, they look so cute!

    These are so cute! I totally want to make these for neighbor gifts this year!


    Oh my goshhhhh. These look amazing! And cutest packaging ever. I love everything about this. I’m totally going to do this.