Favorite things parties are one of my very favorite!  Have you ever had or been to one?  Well if not… WELCOME, because this is an online version!  Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling is hosting the BEST giveaway with 11 other fabulous bloggers including myself!  We are all sharing and giving away our very favorite things!  I LOVE learning what others love because sometimes they become MY new favorite things.  The best part is you have 11 chances to enter and win all the fun goodies!

These are a few of MY favorite things….

1.  Confetti Confetti Confetti!  You guys I am slightly obsessed, I just can’t help it!  And THIS confetti is seriously the best ever.
2.  I am horrible at journaling but the “one line a day journal” is where it’s at!  You can record sweet and important moments and it only takes a few minutes…and lets be honest the book is dang cute too!
3.  I am all about note pads.  I need one on hand constantly…whether to jot some notes, make some lists or just to doodle, they are the best.
4.  I carry a little zip pouch with me constantly!  And I am always on the look out for a new one.  This little metallic bag is gorgeous and so sturdy! I am a firm believer you can never have too many bags.
5.  When I say I LOVE these dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joes it’s just not enough…I am OBSESSED with these dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  They are my weakness and they will be yours too (sorry ha!).
6.  If you know me, or follow my blog you will know my love for flamingos runs deep!!  I have loved them since I was little and I am loving how they are all the rage right now.  This flamingo charm is GORGEOUS!  And so fun you can put it on your keys or bag.

Enter below to win ALL of my goodies!


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    Pat Schwab

    In the winter my favorite thing is my long down hooded jacket with a scarf my daughter made me.

    Nancy Loring

    My favorite thing is different kinds of paper. I am a list person so I like paper.


    My favorite thing is my memory book that my family adds to every year :)

    the cape on the corner

    i bought a favorite thing for all the women on my list-it’s a little makeup spatula from target that allows you to get every last bit of makeup or lotion from your bottle. thanks for the giveaway!


    I love christmas themed clothes

    Trader Joe’s is my favorite! And those peanut butter cups are at the top of my list when I go there :)


    Such a fun giveaway – thank you! Those TJ’s peanut butter cups are my fave!! :-)

    Ashley Perault

    Current favorite thing is my 52 Lists Project book – it makes me take a real introspective look, which can be hard to remember to do at times!

    So fun, Sara! I almost bought that metallic pouch the other day, love it. Thanks for joining me on this giveaway.

    Kimmy Ripley

    Winning this would be like the happiest mail day ever for me and my Chloe Pearl! FUN!


    One of my favorite things is pur gum!

    You’re right… that flamingo charm is GORGEOUS!

    My favorite thing has to be a pretty notebook and colorful pens. I am a paper and pen kind of gal and love to make lists and be able to write down ideas when they come to me.

    Kimberly Sneathen

    LOOOVE it all! Especially the Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cups (MY FAVE)!!! Such a fun giveaway!!


    LOOOVE it all! Especially the Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cups (MY FAVE)!!! Such a fun giveaway!!

    Susan D

    I love different party decorations – balloons, confetti, table cloths, crepe paper… I absolutely love to make a room look festive for whatever occasion. There is no age limit to a party room!


    my current favorite thing is matcha green tea

    All these things are lovely, but my favorite has to be the peanut butter cups!! They’re my TJ’s kryptonite…

    Jenna W

    My happy planner is my favorite thing! helps me stay on top of everything!

    Valerie Minnich

    Such a neat idea!
    My favorite thing is tea, it’s a way to give myself a ice treat every day!

    Right now my favourite thing is pom poms! I just bought the cutest pom pom covered sweater at Zara and a super cozy pom pom throw at Aerie.

    Dee Johnson

    Stationary and scrapbooks are my favorite things.

    Andrea G

    My favorite things are pompoms, felt balls, pencils, easers and beeswax candles.

    Andrea G

    Beeswax candles.

    Kelly D

    My favorite thing is Burt’s Bees lip shimmers.

    sarah s

    I’ve been really liking my Kindle Fire and also coffee:)

    Susan Christy

    Cold Brew Coffee is my current favorite thing.

    linh chin-lai

    My current favorite thing is my sherpa blanket

    Anita Carol Gambrell

    My all time favorite thing is journals!


    my favorite thing is yarn. So many beautiful yarns to choose from. Thank you!

    Annamarie V

    I love a good body wash and one of my favorites is spongelle, it’s a sponge with body wash in it and it’s scrubby on one side.

    Too cute! Those peanut butter cups are so addicting!

    My favorite things include houseplants, good books, and oreos. Always oreos. ;) Thanks for sharing this giveaway!


    My favorite thing is those TJ’s PB cups too. Great minds. ;)

    Raina DelRio

    My favorite thing is my English bulldog named Fattycakes


    I like fall scented candles


    I love the handmade candles from Illuminati Waxworks, they smell sooooo good!


    I like cozy socks.


    I love my foot scrub. Someone gave it to me as a gift and now i’ll Never live without it! It’s such a tiny “treat myself” at the end of a long day.

    That one line a day journal is beautiful!!!!

    My favorite thing is my sewing machine. It always (still) amazes me how one little machine can create such beautiful pieces, especially garments. I’m currently making my wedding dress, so there’s that! Haha


    That flamingo charm is awesome! My husband keeps bugging me for a list of stuff I want, so thanks for helping me fill it out :)

    Kate B.

    My favorite thing is my craft room! I plan to spend a lot of time there, crafting the winter blues away!


    my favorite thing is a pair of earrings my grandmother gave me

    Amanda S

    My favorite item(s) are office supplies!


    My favorite thing right now is my Mrs. Meyer’s Apple Cider hand soap.


    My favorite thing right now is the Enneagram!


    My favourite thing for the moment is my Kobo ereader.


    I feel like a good sweatshirt is the best! One that looks put together and cute but also cozy!


    I really can’t help myself when it comes to fun cocktail napkins!


    I love making things and giving gifts. Your website and blog, as well as your friends’ blogs inspire me and make me happy!
    Thank you for sharing the fun!
    p.s. some of my favorite things are wire and sparkly yarn and paper and pens…


    my favorite thing is scrap books


    Ummm is it bad to say my favorite thing is food? Haha. Or dessert to be more specific.

    Melissa Storms

    I love vintage so much. I collect linens and vases, like maybe too many of each but I love them both.


    My favorite thing currently is Butterbeer tea by Adagio Teas. It’s so creamy and naturally sweet.


    My favourite things are plants. I have an odd ability to keep them alive. #blessed haha!

    Nancy Shaw

    My favorite thing is actually things. I LOVE books! Any topic, any genre, fiction or nonfiction, I love them all.

    Mary Gardner

    My favorite thing is dark chocolate with lots of dark roast coffee!


    I love that one line a day journal; it’s adorable! MY favorite things include: DIY gifts, running, dogs, knitting, crafts, and food!

    Carly Garwood

    My favorite thing is stationery

    Sreejita Bhowmik

    I absolutely love how colorful this blog is! It just makes me feel so happy! Honestly its like tht fav mug or a well worn comfy sweater or a good cup of chai..using blog as a comfort food ..is that bad lol!


    You are AWESOME! Mahalo for sharing your creativity!

    Tracie Cooper

    My favorite things are gel pens and anything Disney!


    Maybe it’s just after a day like today but those PB cups look like they are my new fave!