When it comes to home decor I love functionality AND looks but sometimes it’s hard to find both.  That is why I have teamed up with Samsung to share how to make this DIY knotted blanket (which is both cozy and adorable) and to talk about their new Samsung Connect Home that gives you a blanket of coverage across your entire home (ha you see what I did there?) with a sleek new design that fits in flawlessly with your decor.

We are a BIG movie family and snuggling up and watching films is one of my very favorites.  I love having a wi-fi router that optimizes my signal so I can upload, download or stream our favorite movies without interruption anywhere in the house and the Samsung Connect Home does just that.  And trust me when I say we have had our fair share of bad routers and it can make life more frustrating, and leaves less time for the things that matter most.  Their Connect App is soooo easy for when you set it up and it even helps guide you to the best locations for you to place your hubs.  The Connect App also controls all your smart home products in one single app (like a Nest Thermostat, Amazon Alexa, Hue Lightbulbs and more).

Now one thing that I find SUPER important when it comes to electronics are the looks (ha ha yes I am shallow like that).  I can not stand a big ugly machine ruining my home decor.  Before the Samsung connect home we had our router stuffed in a drawer because it was such an eye sore.  I LOVE the new design of the Samsung connect home, it is so sleek and clean and I am 100% ok with it being displayed anywhere.  It seems to flawlessly fit right into my home.  Functionality AND good looks… ha ha its all my dream come true.

So let’s enjoy some beautiful and functional technology and snuggle up in a blanket and watch a movie because the moments I spend with my family are the most precious.

Now let’s make a cute AND functional DIY colorful knotted blanket.

-Different colored Yarn (preferably thick)
-Large yarn needles

-Cut 4 pieces of yarn about 9 inches long.
-Tie a knot in the middle and then again.
-Then take the extra strands and tie in additional knots.
-Make as many knots as you want to put on your blanket.  Make sure you tie your knots VERY tight so they don’t come undone.
-Then take your yarn needles and start to sew on the knots.
-I laid out all my knots first and then just went down a vertical row (of the same color so I didn’t need to keep switching yarn) and sewed them on.  Then moved to the next row.
The great thing about the knots is they don’t take long to make!  This blanket can be a day project!
-You can add some tassels on the corners if you want.  I mean who doesn’t love tassels on things?

This post is in partnership with Samsung
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6 thoughts on “DIY KNOTTED BLANKET


    Love this blanket! I want to make one! Can you tell me where you got your blanket?


    Hi Ashley! Yes! I got it at Target and added the link above in the post :)


    I m so excited to try this diy. It looks so good. Can you please provide a link for blanket?


    Hi Ruby! Yay I’m so excited for you to make it! I got the blanket at Target in twin size. You could also get a smaller throw blanket too! I changed it so there is a link in the post to the blanket :)

    That is just too cute with the little coloured dots! Love this!


    Thanks so much Michelle!! xoxo