It’s piñata time!  Actually…DIY mini rainbow piñata time!  I have never made a piñata before and let me tell you this one is soooooo incredibly simple and only takes about 15 min to make.  I used a simple craft/party item that might just turn this into the easiest piñata EVER.  Read all about it below!  Now who wants to make a rainbow???
Party Festooning
-Cardboard (Or thick poster board)
Hot Glue Gun

-First cut out your cardboard rainbow shape, two pieces for the front and back.
-Then cut out a long strip of cardboard, about 1 inch thick.
-Glue the long strip of cardboard to one of the rainbow sides.  Then glue on the back of the rainbow.
-Make sure to leave a strip open at the bottom to insert the candy.
-What makes this DIY mini rainbow piñata the easiest is the party festooning!!  There is no prep involved, you just unroll and glue!
-Take your festooning and start gluing onto the cardboard.  Once you get one color on push the festooning up (brush it away) so that you can see where to glue next.
-Start with pink and continue till all the colors are on.
-Take the pink festooning and cover the top of the piñata.
-Take the blue festooning and cover the bottom.
-Take your scissors and trim any excess or if you want it less fluffy.
-Now stuff with candy and give as party favors or cute party decor!

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    This is so adorable, I totally love this!

    This pinata is so cute! I’m obsessed!