This round up of gift ideas are perfect for the movie lover and cinephile in your life! So get creative this holiday season with these fun gifts.

It’s holiday shopping time and I’ve got some fun ideas for the movie lover in your life!  DVD’s are getting dusty and movie tickets are not clever.  I rounded up 9 very cool gifts that will make any cinephile happy this Holiday season.

1. Eat What you Watch:  Food and movies go together so well and this book does just that.  It has recipes from more than 40 classic and cult films.  The coolest idea!  I mean who doesn’t want to make that sandwich from the deli in When Harry met Sally?? ha ha ha!

2. Cinephile Card Game:  It’s a REEL good time!  This deck of cards has multiple game options and is cute to boot!  I say that is a win.

3. Bucket list movie poster:  It’s a scratch movie poster and what a cool idea for that movie watching fanatic! It has a list of the 100 best movies of all time what a fun way to keep track.

4. Popcorn seasoning set:  What is a movie without popcorn???  And flavored popcorn is a whole other level!

5. Movie Quiz Book:  Who doesn’t love some fun trivia?  This book has 1,600 questions about all aspects of the movies.
6. Classic Movie Socks:  Pulp fiction socks and other Tarantino movies, so cool!

7. Mini Projector:  Movies on the go, backyard movie nights or just a fun sleepover party.  This projector is so cool and packs a big punch in a small package.

8. Minimal Movie Posters:  These are the COOLEST!  Such a fun and artistic way to display your favorite movies!  And there are hundreds to choose from.

9. Microwave single-serve popcorn maker:  I am always a sucker for a fun or cool gadget and this does not disappoint!  Popcorn for ONE in the cutest cup, yes please!

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