You guys, I bought my first cactus!!  It actually is incredibly hard to find an adorable cactus.  If anyone has any recommendations of good places to buy some awesome cacti, please share.
Well this new friend needed a sweet pot SO I got out some left over IKEA fabric and bought a $1.99 pot (from IKEA) and got to work.  This DIY is so simple and I am loving how it turned out.
Read the simple tutorial after the jump



Mod Podge
Paint Brush
 First cut out your pieces.  Since my fabric was striped, I thought it would look cool to have different pieces and shapes, making the stripes go in all different directions.  BUT if you want something more uniform, then just be more accurate and make a bunch of similar cuts.  Since it is round I would do a l 5 or 6 rectangle pieces.
 Take your paint brush and smear on some mod podge.  Since my fabric was pretty thick I put a lot on.
 Stick on your fabric piece.  Leave enough room when you cut it so that it can over lap on the top and the bottom.  Mod podge the edges of the fabric so they stick.
 Cut the bottom and top pieces so they can easily fit around the rounded bottom and top.
 Mod podge the pot, then stick the fabric.  Enforce it with more mod podge on top.
 Continue to add more fabric pieces.  I didn’t want to cover all the fabric in mod podge, so I just made sure I went over the edges with mod podge and nothing else.
 Then you are DONE!  And I am done saying Mod Podge ha ha.  Woo hoo!

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    ha ha I know right? Oh man stripes are so great ;)

    Just found your blog through Live Colorful. So in love with it. New follower for sure! This pot is absolutely awesome. I thought about lace on a pot before, but never fabric. It’s a great idea for added texture!

    Awe thanks Julie!! You are so sweet!! Ooooo lace would be gorgeous!

    You’re welcome! Yea, I might turn that into a project actually, I need some plants in my very shabby chic room. White+lace is win. This pot you decorated would look awesome in my living room though. I love how you played with the pattern sideways and vertically.

    I would LOVE to see how the lace ones turns out :)

    When I find the time I might post something up on my blog about it. Gotta find the time though, AH, two babies under 2yo keeps a momma busy. Lol.

    I just found you through weekend rewind, new follower too. Love this and my favourite colours too.

    Hi Sarah (Love your name by the way!) thanks!! I KNOW right? ugh black and white stripes are my weakness…

    Wow, I LOVE the black and white fabric next to the cactus. So pretty and fun, and your photos are beautiful too!

    Thanks Katie! That means a lot coming from you and your amazing design eye ;)