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September 3, 2014
diy bulletin boards
Does September mean that colorful fruit is obsolete?  Should I be making pumpkins instead of watermelons?  I am kind of caught in the middle right now of looking forward to fall but still craving some summer.  So, since I didn’t get a chance to do any back to school goodness, this will be it… and then I will have to give into that fall itch ;)  I mean hello, I was at target yesterday and the Halloween stuff is already on the shelves!
So yes, this is a fruity and colorful back to school/ office DIY, but I still think its ok!
Hang these in your office, dorm or wherever.  They are just too delicious not to display!
Tutorial after the jump

I found these place mats at IKEA and they are only $3.99, cheap is always nice.

You guys this tutorial is SO so simple…
Then, get out those thumb tacks and decorate!

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