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April 15, 2015
No one likes a boring drink, and since I have a mild obsession with bright colors, these festive drink stirrers are right up my alley.  No drink can be boring with cute paper fans peeking out.  Since Cinco de Mayo is coming up I am excited to be participating in Clinton Kelly’s Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Challenge.  Any excuse to come up with a holiday inspired DIY, right?!
Tissue Paper (Target)
Wood Skewers
Glue Stick
Heavy Duty Hole punch-size .125 (mine is Martha Stewart)
Cut out a piece of tissue paper.   Mine measured 9″ x 2 1/4″
 Fold the paper accordion style.
 Cut a curve at the top of one side.
 It should look like this when unfolded.
 Punch holes.  I did 3-4 and then one more at the very bottom.
 The bottom hole is where you will string the skewer through.  Cut off any excess after the last hole.
 Place some glue on the stick.
 Fan out one side and wrap it around where you just placed the glue.
 Do the same to the top piece
 And your done! yay! Now get stirring :)


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  • Duna Campillo

    Woooaaau! I love this diy!!!! :) thanks for the idea.

  • Lonni Delane

    OMG!! This is so-o-o-o-o-o-o cute!

  • Amy

    I’m just slightly obsessed with these! I thought you just bought them and put on skewers then I kept reading and realized you made them – even better!

  • I think I’m addicted + slightly in love with this project & these colors.
    Truly pretty!

  • Keri Blair

    What a super cute and crafty idea. Nice work.

  • Laura Sirignano Montpetit

    These are so cute. Have you ever tried making a full fan to use as other decorations?

    • no, but I thought about it! I need to try it for sure, it would look so fun :)

  • Claire Armstrong

    These are so summery will definitely make them to jazz up my cocktails. The colours are awesome.

    • I know, I seriously love bright colors ;) And they are fun for anytime, not just cinco de mayo