Friday Favorites


April 17, 2015
Happy Friday!!  Ha this poster makes me laugh…I mean, is it too much to ask???
It’s been a good and crazy week, so this weekend I am going to relax and get organized.  (yeah I say that a lot, probably because I am NOT organized ha!)
Anyways here are some fun links to start out the weekend.
Did you know IKEA is doing an Art Event featuring 12 street artists from around the world.  There are some limited edition prints available and I saw this one and had to buy it.
I am totally into this awesome food coloring guide because messing with food coloring can be frustrating.
I kind of want this shirt
Cute updo I want to try
I am absolutely in LOVE with the colors and balloons from this baby shower.  If you can’t tell from my blog…I LOVE color ;)