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May 6, 2015

diy painted storage boxes

I have talked in other posts about how we live in an apartment.  It can get small, cramped and decorating can be discouraging because you really can’t do a WHOLE lot.  Like work around the yuck cream colored paint on ever single wall, bleh.  Recently we rearranged our room so that we could create a little corner office space.  I am super excited about how its coming along.  Although I can’t paint the walls or do a bunch I am really trying to add a lot of color in other ways and that starts with some good ole storage boxes.  If you have seen my craft stuff you would know I need a LOT of these ha ha, because I have way too much stuff. In fact, I can be a semi-hoarder when it comes to wrapping paper, ribbons, party supplies and such and I’m hoping when I get everything together I can share some pics but who knows how long it will take me ha ha … so for now, here are some bright, functional and fun painted storage boxes.





Acrylic Paint

Patterning Tape

White Spray Paint

Wood Box
I got mine from Michaels.  I looked online and couldn’t find anything with the same look and that had a metal label holder.  But, if you are not by a Michaels or can only order online here is another wood box and some metal label holders.  Although it has a different look.

Pop off the metal label holders.  This is super easy to do and they go back on easy because the wood is super soft.  Spray paint them white and leave them to dry.

Next tape your box.  I wanted a triangle on the front of each of my boxes and wanted it to look the same with and without the lid on.  So first measure the middle of your box and tape off a triangle on the main box.  Then place the lid on top.  Measure the middle of the lid and then tape off another triangle having it match the on you already made.
diy-painted-box-9diy-painted-box-7 Then tape off the top of your box this is where you can get really creative with patterns.



Now that all your shapes are taped off you are ready to paint.  I did about two coats.

Let dry and then peal off all the tape.  Lastly take your spray painted metal label holders and push them back on.  And you are done!!  And your office and storage are that much cuter ;)


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