wood birthday banner


I love a good party and I am some what, well most definitely, a hoarder when it comes to party supplies.  Birthdays are by far the most common party I am either planning or attending and I go through supplies pretty quickly.  SO what would be better than a garland that you can use over and over again.  One that you can bust out if there is an impromptu birthday party, or just to show some fun appreciation for a friend or family member on their special day.  This DIY is easy easy and costs very little!  So be prepared, and have this wood birthday banner ready because you never know when you might need to throw a party.

birthday banner



-Wood Banner pieces (These wood pieces are from Michaels.  They are the ArtMinds brand and come in packs of 6 0r 8 for about $1.50)
Acrylic paint
-black pen
Bakers twine
x-acto knife
Blue painters tape

On your computer type up letters you are going to use, the font I used is here, then print.
Take your x-acto knife and cut out letters.  Cut out each letter into a small stencil square.


Tape and paint, alternating colors.IMG_6539-web

Because the stencil is loose and I didn’t want the paint to bleed, I traced the letter with a black pen first.IMG_6535-web

Fill in the letter with the black paint.  Let dry and string onto twine.IMG_6536-web

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    This is so cute! I want one for every occasion :)

    Thanks Breanna! ha ha ha I know, I seriously bought a LOT more of the wood flags so I can make more


    So so cute! I’d be tempted to have wood flags all over the house

    Paige Cassandra Flamm

    This banner is the cutest! I’ definitely making it for my daughters birthday!



    This is super cool! I need to keep an eye out for wood banner pieces!

    Kris Kailey

    This is the cutest, can’t wait to make it!


    I love this! I made a version of it with my 2 year old (read: messier, but we worked it!) but I’m having trouble with the letters bleeding even with a pen outline. Any ideas other than stickers to get a cleaner lettering?

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b9403b6788d9919e3f10d9362d85fa8209282234276c2d723870154f7c8aa0dd.jpg -Danaé

    Hi!! Oh my gosh I LOVE how they turned out, so cute! Ummmm I’m not too sure. So the pen is bleeding as well? You could try tracing it with a pencil first and then painting on? Also try not to wet the paint too much because that will make it bleed more. The dryer the paint brush and paint the better. I do know some pens bleed more than others, like a sharpie. Trying a different pen might work as well? Let me know how it goes!! I want to see the finished result! :) xoxox