DIY-paper-cone-for-snacks3 tips to throw an easy party

I love throwing parties, all kinds!  Kid’s parties, dinner parties, birthdays, themed parties, Halloween parties, you name it I love it.  BUT throwing parties can get overwhelming and stressful sometimes.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to go big, but sometimes you just want a cute party without any stress.  I’m sharing some DIY paper party cups and 3 tips to help make your party planning a little easier.  Because easier means less stress and that is always something I am on board for!
Three Tips to Help Make Party Planning Easier

1.  No “over the top” decor.  You really don’t need a whole lot of decor for a party and I love to stick to the basics like confetti, balloons and some garlands.  BUT you can make a big impact with stuff you just have around the house.  No need to go out and buy a million things.  For instance this little colorful party I put together using mostly paper.  All the garlands are paper I just cut into different shapes and sewed together.  The DIY paper cups are made of the same paper and then the table itself is just a half draped piece of wrapping paper.  Also its very inexpensive which leaves more money for other things.

2.  Keep the food simple.  Unless you are throwing a dinner party there is no need to go over the top with the food.  I have done that a few times and always end up with so much leftover and it adds a lot of stress to prepare it all.  First, I like to counter all the cake, ice cream and candy with a healthy and no prep snack.  Harvest Snaps fit this perfectly and taste SO good!  They come in 8 super delicious flavors and are way healthier than potato chips.  And second, displaying yummy snacks in a cute way makes it seems like you put a lot of thought into the food.  Instead of dumping them in a bowl you can make some quick and easy DIY paper cups that coordinate with the rest of your party.  It’s all a big impact with little effort, and that is something I can get behind ;)

3.  Having a “fun” party is more important than a “pretty” one.  This one is what I try to keep in the forefront of any party planning.  Always make sure YOU are having a good time and so are your guests.  I definitely love pretty decorations (it’s pretty much my very favorite), but at the same time what’s the point of a party if no one is having fun?  Prioritizing this may help you get rid of other ideas or decor you wanted to add that will just end up adding more stress.  Because when all is said and done, people remember the fun parties way more than the decorations.
diy party decor and snack holdersDIY paper garlandDIY-paper-party-cupDIY-paper-cup-snack-holderNow lets make those Harvest Snaps look as cute as can be!

-Colored Paper
-White Acrylic Paint
-Paint brush and/or foam pouncers

1.  Take your paper and cut it to size.  You can either cut an 8×10 paper in half or just cut any size paper a little bigger than a book page.
2.  Next paint the paper.  You can use whatever you have lying around but I used paint brush and some foam pouncers.  You can make lines, shapes or just little brush marks.
3.  Once dried its time to roll them up.  Take one corner and roll it inward till it forms a cone.  You can adjust and twist till you get it just right.
4.  Tape it shut.  I just used one piece on the outside.
5.  Fill with a some Harvest Snaps and serve!diy-paper-party-cup-stepsHarvest-snaps-as-party-snacks3 tips to throw an easy partyDIY-paper-party-cups---Tell-Love-and-Party

This post is in partnership with Harvest Snaps.  All opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Tell Love and Party going.

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    Cutest way to display party snacks I’ve ever seen!


    I love simple and pretty party decor!

    Love everything about this! The garlands and the snack cones are too cute!

    I love the garlands & the DIY cones makes the party so much more special! And them snacks look so delicious

    ha ha they ARE! Yummy snacks are a party must ;)

    Laurel (A Bubbly Life)

    Too cute and I love the holder!!